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Integration Guide In Chinese

AIhelp HTML5 Integration Guide

1. Import

Party A is obliged to use Party B's services according to the correct plug-in method and calling method described by Party B's documents. If Party A uses any technical method to influence Party B's billing, Party B will have the right to notify Party A while unilaterally terminating the service immediately and ask Party A to assume responsibility for infulencing the billing of Party B.

import below js file to your mobile web page

2. Create Initial Parameters.

You need to create inital parameters [boject] in your local js files by:

Passing in below parameters: "gameid,gameuid,gameName,username,language,hsTags,autoEntrance" etc.

Coding Example:

var elva_conf = {
	appId: `${appId}`,
	appName: `${appName}`,
	userUid: `${userUid}`,
	userName: `${userName}`,
	language: `${language}`,
	hsTags: `${hsTags}`,
	custom: `${custom}`,
	autoEntrance: `${autoEntrance}`


appId: The id of different platforms, here you need to use the web appid. Required filed.

appName: Application name. Required filed.

userUid: User id. Optional filed,AIHelp will give priority to the userUid you pass. If the userUid is empty, AIHelp will generate a unique useUid based on the user's device and browser as the user's userUid.

userName: Optional filed,AIHelp will give priority to the userName you passed. AIHelp will name all users who's username was not passed as Unknown_User.

language: Required filed,Otherwise AIHelp will take the current user language as English.

hsTags: Tag. Optional filed,The tag will be displayed in "Conversation-Userdata" in AIHelp back-end

custom: Optional parameter that could experience customization. The value can be 1,2,3,4,5. Corresponding to following 5 experiences:

custom:"1": Users would enter FAQ list by default, click "Contact Us" to enter manual service directly.
custom:"2": Users would enter Manual service by default.
custom:"3": Users would enter Robot interface by default.
custom:"4": Users would enter Robot interface by default and no display of "Contact Us" on lower left.
custom:"5": Users would enter FAQ list by default and no display of "Contact Us" on lower left.
Don't use this parameter, users would enter FAQ list by default and click "Contact Us" to enter Robot interface.

autoEntrance: It decides if the 'manual customer service' entrance is hidden or not. Optional filed. If you want it to be hidden, please write '1', the entrance will be hidden and will only be displayed after the user submits the form or the customer service sends a message to the user. If you don't want it to be hidden, please set it blank and it will always be displayed and players are able to see it and reach to customer service all the time.

Note: Please log in AIHelp with your registered account to find appId of Web In the Application page of the Settings Menu. If your company doesn't have an account yet, please egister one on AIHelp Website.

3. use elvah5.init() to pass initialized parameter

Coding Example:

if (typeof elvah5 !== undefined) { 

4. use function

In your page's UI event handler, call to show elva box.

Coding Example:

btn.onclick = function () {  

5. Receive push by using the window.addEventListener function (optional)

Push messages to users by receiving AIHelp pushes

Coding Example:

window.addEventListener("message", function(MessageEvent){
var origin = event.origin || event.originalEvent.origin;
if (window.Notification&&origin==='') {
  if(window.Notification && Notification.permission !== "denied") {
    Notification.requestPermission(function(status) {
      var n = new Notification(`You have a new message`,{
        icon: "",
        tag: "",
        renotify: true,
      n.onclick = function(event) {
}, false);

Our current push rule is: when the agent reply users, the message will be pushed to you. As for in what circumstances that push messages to users, please design according to your specific scenarios or needs.

6. Customerize the style of your elva box.

Coding Example

.elvaBox {    //chat interface 
	width: 375px;
	height: 500px;
	position: fixed;
	right: 1rem;
	bottom: 4rem;

.close {   //close button(PC Web Page)
	position: absolute;
	right: 10px;
	top: 10px;
	width: 30px;
	height: 30px;
	color: #fff;
	background: #f9c633;
	border-radius: 25px;
	cursor: pointer;

.close:before {
	position: absolute;
	content: '';
	width: 20px;
	height: 2px;
	background: #fff;
	transform: rotate(45deg);
	top: 14px;
	left: 6px;

.close:after {
	content: '';
	position: absolute;
	width: 20px;
	height: 2px;
	background: #fff;
	transform: rotate(-45deg);
	top: 14px;
	left: 6px;

Performance on PC:

Rendering on PC

Performance on mobile: For more access methods on mobile ,click me.

Rendering on mobile




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