AMWA IS-04 NMOS Discovery and Registration Specification (Stable)
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AMWA IS-04 NMOS Discovery and Registration Specification (Stable)

This repository contains details of this AMWA Specification, including Node, Registration and Query APIs, and requirements for Nodes for registry-based and peer-to-peer discovery. with supporting documentation and examples

Getting started

Readers are advised to be familiar with:

Readers should read the documentation in this repository, starting with the Overview, and then look at the APIs, which are written in RAML and JSON Schema (if a suitable tool for reading RAML is not available, then this will create HTML versions).


It is recommended that the tagged releases are used as a reference for development as opposed to the 'master' or development branches of this repository.

Each version of the specification is available under a v<#MAJOR>.<#MINOR> tag such as 'v1.0'. Once a specification has been released, any updates to its documentation and schemas which do not modify the specification will be made available via a v<#MAJOR>.<#MINOR>.<#UPDATE> tag such as 'v1.0.1'.