AMWA NMOS Event & Tally Specification
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AMWA IS-07 NMOS Event & Tally Specification

This repository contains details of this AMWA Specification, including message types, event types, core models, transports, rest api and measurement units guidelines.

Getting started

Readers are advised to be familiar with:

Readers should read the documentation in this repository, and the APIs, which are written in RAML.

HTML renders of this repo will be made available through GitHub Pages


It is recommended that the tagged releases are used as a reference for development as opposed to the 'master' or development branches of this repository.

Each version of the specification is available under a v<#MAJOR>.<#MINOR> tag such as 'v1.0'. Once a specification has been released, any updates to its documentation and schemas which do not modify the specification will be made available via a v<#MAJOR>.<#MINOR>.<#UPDATE> tag such as 'v1.0.1'.


  • -- This file
  • docs/ -- Documentation
  • APIs/ -- API descriptions
  • examples/ -- Example JSON requests, responses and event messages
  • LICENSE -- Licenses for software and text documents
  • NOTICE -- Disclaimer