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UPGRADE FROM S0RIENDataGridBundle(1.0) to APYDataGridBundle(2.0)

New namespace

The DataGridBundle has moved from the S0RIEN repository to the Abhoryo repository and his organisation APY. Therefore you should change the namespace of this bundle in your AppKernel.php:

Before: new Sorien\DataGridBundle\SorienDataGridBundle()
After: new APY\DataGridBundle\APYDataGridBundle()

And in autoload.php

Before: 'Sorien' => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',
After: 'APY' => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',

Then in your files change all your APY use statements to APY

Change your include block template.

Before: SorienDataGridBundle::blocks.html.twig
After: 'APYDataGridBundle::blocks.html.twig


Before: use Sorien\DataGridBundle\Grid\Source\Entity;
After: use APY\DataGridBundle\Grid\Source\Entity;

You call safely replace all Sorien occurences by APY.

New columns types and filters in annotations

The version 1.0 desn't know the type of the data for the select, sourceselect and range columns. In 2.0, these columns don't exist because they are not types of data, but types of filter.

Select columns

Before: @Grid\Column(type="select", values={"type1"="Type 1", "type2"="Type 2"})
After: @Grid\Column(type="text", filter="select", selectFrom="values", values={"type1"="Type 1", "type2"="Type 2"})

See annotation type attribute for others types.

SourceSelect columns

Before: @Grid\Column(type="sourceselect")
After: @Grid\Column(type="text", filter="select", selectFrom="source") OR @Grid\Column(type="text", filter="select", selectFrom="query")

In 2.0, you don't have to declare a repository method findDistinctByField($field) to get your values for the selector.

  • query means that the selectors of the select filter will be populated by the values found in the current search. If no result is found, they will be populated with all values found in the source.

  • source means that the selectors of the select filter will be populated by all values found in the source.

Range, DateTimeRange and DateRange columns

In 2.0, a operator selector is available. When you select one of the between operators, a new field appears.
A second input field appears if you have define input in the filter attribute.

Before: @Grid\Column(type="range")
After: @Grid\Column(type="text", filter="input") OR @Grid\Column(type="text", filter="select")

Before: @Grid\Column(type="datetimerange")
After: @Grid\Column(type="datetime", filter="input") OR @Grid\Column(type="datetime", filter="select")

Before: @Grid\Column(type="daterange")
After: @Grid\Column(type="date", filter="input") OR @Grid\Column(type="date", filter="select")

Range works for the type number too.

@Grid\Column(type="number", filter="input") OR @Grid\Column(type="number", filter="filter")

Methods renamed

  • Source::setCallBack rename to manipulateRow and manipulateQuery


    $source->setCallBack($source::EVENT_PREPARE_ROW, function ($row) {});
    $source->setCallBack($source::EVENT_PREPARE_QUERY, function ($row) {});


    $source->manipulateRow(function ($row) {});
    $source->manipulateQuery(function ($row) {});
  • Column::setCallBack rename to manipulateRenderCell

    Before: $column->manipulateRenderCell(function ($value, $row, $router) {});
    After: $column->manipulateRenderCell(function ($value, $row, $router) {});

  • Grid::initFilter rename to setDefaultFilters

    Before: $grid->initFilter(array());
    After: $grid->setDefaultFilters(array());

  • Grid::initOrder rename to setDefaultOrder

    Before: $grid->initOrder($columnId, $order);
    After: $grid->setDefaultOrder($columnId, $order);

  • Grid::gridResponse rename to Grid::getGridResponse

    Before: $grid->gridResponse();
    After: $grid->getGridResponse();

  • GridManager::gridManagerResponse rename to GridManager::getGridManagerResponse

    Before: $grid->gridManagerResponse();
    After: $grid->getGridManagerResponse();

Set data on the source instead of the grid

Before: $grid->setData($array);
After: $source->setData($array);

Pass the grid object to the cell and filter blocks instead of the hash of the grid

Before: {{ hash }}
After: {{ grid.hash }}

And Clear your cache!