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@TODO List #121

Abhoryo opened this Issue · 10 comments

4 participants

  • Date filter #41
  • Export data #31 (v2)
  • New documentation structure + update (v2)
  • Add dql function support on non-mapped fields
  • Add number of results and show the current range of result (v2)
  • Full php configuration #44 (v2)
  • Yaml configuration #44 + #4
  • Xml configuration #44
  • Implement all options on Document source #32 + others (v2)
  • Implement Propel source #86
  • Reset filters #36 (v2)
  • Custom/combo filter #28
  • Prevent SQL injection ? #73
  • New branch for Symfony 2.1 (v2) v2.0 works with Symfony 2.1.0 too
  • Lazy loading to add options in any order (v2)
  • Manipulate the default action column (v2)
  • Add role control on massAction, rowAction, Export (v2.1)
  • Add sourceselect support for the vector source [#113] (v2)
  • Add XMLHttpRequest full support [#130]
  • searchOnClick feature (v2.1)
  • Fix #201
  • Add footer aggregate informations (avg, count, ...) [#207]
  • Add the number of results corresponding of a value in a select filter. (See the genre filter on
  • [Filter] Add radio and checkbox filters.
  • Add an attribute to turn off the escape of the value of a cell. [#257]
  • Merge rowAction and massAction [#22]
  • Add cache support for result/page [#417]
  • Add ajax refresh after row action (add a param)
  • Add request parameters mapping (i.e. grid_id[_page] = $page) - Add a converter callback($name, $value) for encode parameter

+1 for role control on actions and export.


@sterrien Do you think it is possible to compute the grid without call directly getGridResponse or isReadyforRedirect?

Can't we use a Magic Method like __call?
If the grid is used in a template, the __cal method is called, no?


:-| I realy don't know and have no time to try :-(


I'll try later because, the newbees don't read the documentation :D

@AlixBa AlixBa referenced this issue

SUM on column #454


+give the possibility to hide/show columns


Already exist @LitzOuille


@Abhoryo, mybad, I meant in the render, if the user want to filtrate columns. Not in the code.


you talk about some javascript like jqgrid ?


Or a multiple select to choose which column to hide/display (checboxes based). Let's say that, by default, i'm hiding the ID column, but the user wants it in the export. He selects "id" in the menu to show/hide column, then he validates and tada :D


You can already choose differents columns for the export in php or annotations. But from the grid itself in javascript, this feature isn't implemented.

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