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Climbing Towers, Stealing Treasure (2nd Year Game Development Project)
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Climbing Towers, Stealing Treasure

Jethro Muller


My second year game development project. A 2D top-down stealth based game. See here for more information.

Each level is generated based on the given tmx file.

The required layer are called:

  • obstacles
  • shadows
  • entities

In the obstacles layer, there are two required objects.
A light source labelled "fire" and a staircase labelled "staircase".

In the entities layer, there are 3 types of possible entities that are handled:

  • Enemy
  • Player
  • Treasure

The appropriate entity class with the given coordinate will be spawned at the locations given by the map.

The map must be in the levels folder, in a folder with the same name as the map.
For example, tutorialLevel is located in /levels/tutorialLevel/tutorialLevel.tmx


  1. Navigate to the root of the cloned directory.
  2. Run ./gradlew run.


  • Arrow Keys to move.
  • Press SHIFT to toggle sneak mode.
  • Hold SPACE to activate your sneak-vision and see the enemies vision and hearing range as well as your noise range.
  • Press W, A, S or D to throw either a water-bomb or a rock depending on which you have selected. Rocks create noise and can serve as a distraction, water-bombs can put out the light in a level. There are 5 rocks and 1 water-bomb for each level.
  • Q changes what you throw.
  • Hold / to show all the debug information on screen.


  1. The music in the main menu was made by Quintin Clarkson and I using
  2. The sound effects were made using
  3. Music used in game all comes from

Artist Attributions:

Submerged by Edward Shallow
Under CC BY-NC-SA license

Breaking In by BoxCat Games
Under CC BY license

OHC3 by Kris Keyser
Under CC BY-NC-ND license

Sea Battles in Space by RoccoW
Under CC BY-NC-SA license

Fuckaboing by RoccoW
Under CC BY-SA license

Enthalpy by Rolemusic
Under CC BY license

Moduless by Paza
Under CC BY-NC-ND license

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