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v0.1: 2006-04-28
First release.
v0.1a: 2006-05-16
Add 'Value' commands:
MIFAREvb (set variables from value block)
v0.1b: 2006-05-29
Make readblock non MIFARE specific
Add readMIFAREblock command
Add reset() call to all test programs (to switch off constant read)
Add readlfx program to support ACG LFX reader
v0.1c: 2006-05-30
Add LFXTags hash (125 kHz tag types)
Add (command line tag identifier)
v0.d: 2006-06-01
Add access control block user data byte to MIFARE structure
Add LFX tag type detection to
v0.e: 2006-09-29
Add ICAO 9303 structures for Machine Readable Passports
New test program: for ICAO 9303
Move reader config to
Add EM4x05 ID decode
v0.f: 2006-10-24
Emergency release - 0.e lost in webserver disk crash
Contains work in progress!!!
Rename EM4x05 decode to more generic FDX-B
Add EM4x02 'Unique' ID decode/encode
Add passport file reads and image display
v0.g: 2006-10-27
Tidy up!
Update all version numbers
Add Hitag2 reading (readlfx)
Add fdx-b cloning to Q5 / Hitag2 (fdxbnum)
Add q5unfuck (does what it say on the tin!)
mrpkey - display all data in GUI
fdxbnum - add ability to write raw 16 digit HEX (to clone non-compliant tags)
v0.i: 2006-12-10
Fix login error for sector 0
Fix iso_7816_fail to allow non-passports to fail properly
Add support for Frosch Hitag reader/writer
Start to rationalise routines to always return True or False
fdxbnum - add Frosch support for Hitag2
fdxbnum - wait for blank tag in WRITE mode
was release j - forgot to update version number!
add facility to set Q5 native ID in ''
fix 'EM4x02' ID mode in '' (was reversed)
allow forcing of tag type in ''
add '' - read data blocks with no login
add '' - copy data blocks to matching blank
add '' - determine HF tag types
add CHECK for Machine Readable Document in ''
fix bruteforce for non complete document numbers in ''
fix bruteforce length of field in ''
add offsets for usa & netherlands to ''
add global overrides for line/speed etc. in [AL & Philippe Biondi]
add CLONE mode to ''
make '' more intelligent about reading passport contents:
read all data groups
extract image from CBEFF block in EF.DG2
extract public key certificate from EF.SOD (requires openssl installation)
add asn.1 field length encoding rules
add '' tool for brute force finding of certificates in EF_SOD.BIN (requires openssl installation)
add PCSC support ( and [hints/tips/inspiration Henryk Plötz]
fix and to check for presence of card
fix 'waitfor/do nothing' in [Philippe Biondi]
cleaner check digit calc in [Philippe Biondi]
change -r to -R (reader type) to allow -r to be used for PCSC compatibility
add speed/framesize reporting to
increase MAX read chunk size to 118 in (needs fixing to go up to device supported size ISO_FRAMESIZE)
fix bit allignment issue in FDXBID encoding/decoding [Matsche]
add global uid variable
add locked block reporting to readmifare
fix asn1 field length calculation in
add human readable config block for Q5 in
add Manchester encoding to and
add serial port opening and baud rate checking for ACG / Frosch in
add Q5 emulation detection in
add SCM Microsystems reader support
add -d (debug) option
switch to T=1 protocol for PC/SC
add auto-detect of PC/SC reader types
fix minor reporting issues in
fix setting of tag type 'ALL' on ACG readers (different for LF or HF)
added a bunch of PCSC ATR card types
add reading of previously stored files to
fix CBEFF processing in
fix bruteforcing of first character in [Petter Bjorklund]
add ID Card processing to [vonJeek <>]
fix -L issue in RFIDIOtconfig (readernum must be 0)
add human readable dump to (ReadablePrint() in RFIDIOt)
fix logic in tag selection in (would not use hitag2)
add hitag2 login (password mode) to
add hitag2bruteforce program
start migrating definitions into smaller files to aid sharing with other apps (e.g.
add Windows distribution [Zac Franken]
v0.t - October 2008
add WRITE function to for vonJeek JCOP emulator (
add Makefile and vonJeek.gpsh for installing vonJeek epassport.cap to JCOP
add VONJEEK declarations for vonJeek emulator to
set mrpkey file types to binary for windows compatibility [Jeroen van Beek / vonJeek <>]
use windows compatible command execution for external commands in mrpkey [Jeroen van Beek / vonJeek <>]
add WRITE function to for JMRTD JCOP emulator (
allow mrpkey to skip objects (e.g. fingerprint (EF.DG3) protected by active authentication)
add - calculate 3DES MifarePWD for Access to Mifare memory/functions on Dual Interface JCOP cards
as per Philips Application Note AN02105,
add some country codes to [Jeroen van Beek / vonJeek <>]
add -g 'No GUI' option to
v0.u - November 2008
add script for testing LAHF units
fix -R reader type override in
add checking for global overrides in one of the following locations (in search order):
options should be specified on the first line as if typed on the command line, e.g.
-s 9600 -l /dev/ttyUSB0
command line options will take precedence over this file.
add -n (No Init) command to - allow modules to run without hardware
add display of checksum-corrected MRZ to
add jcop_mifare_access.cap - mifare access applet for JCOP
add jcop_mifare_access.gpsh and target in Makefile for installation of jcop_mifare_access.cap
add test program for JCOP mifare emulation
add display of biometric features on FACE in
v0.v - January 2009
fix ATS position & length in
add - sets ATR Historical Bytes (ATS) on JCOP cards
add jcop_set_atr_hist.cap - java applet for setting ATR/ATS
add JAVA source for jcop_set_atr_hist.cap
move iso_7816 routines into RFIDIOt (from
fix exit status of all test programs and RFIDIOt (should be True on error)
fix ACG reset/info sequence in
fix facial image display bug in where conversion is required [Andreas Schmidt]
fix RANDOM_UID setting in jcop_mifare_access.cap/ (you will need a secret key from NXP)
add - JCOP toolkit (work in progress) changes:
fix binary mode when reading files under Windows (for WRITE to card)
fix computation of composite checksum digit
support reading non-BAC passports
specify a dummy MRZ or simply the keyword 'PLAIN' for Plain Access if there is no Basic Access Control
support writing non-BAC passports (only for vonJeek cards)
new commands SETBAC and UNSETBAC to toggle the BAC mode on vonJeek cards
extract & display signature image stored in DG7, if any
fix bug in Jpeg 2000 handling & add Jpeg 2000 support for DG7
better error handling if PCSC daemon is down or no reader is found
support clone mode by specifying PLAIN/MRZ and WRITE: first read then write
support shortened MRZ (as in mrp0wn)
strip AA & EAC by default when writing, set STRIP_INDEX=False to disable stripping
change Makefile to match vonJeek gpshell files (upload2jcop.gpsh & upload2nokia.gpsh)
add support for ACS readers and Alcatel-Lucent Tikitag/Touchatag [props to pytey for]
rationalise PCSC subtypes
add for reading HID ProxCards (only tested with OmniKey 5325)
add - definitions for nxp pn532 chip
add - run nxp pn532 in emulator mode
add - relay traffic between reader and emulator, and log APDU and responses
fix support for ACS PCSC-2 devices (e.g. ACR 122U)
add - test write LF devices
fix 3DES key setting for ID cards in
allow missing files to be skipped if running in files mode in
add - search for valid final byte of rolling LRC [input from Henryk Plötz]
add - program Q5 with FDI Matalec 'TRANSIT 500' or 'TRANSIT 999' standard UID [input from Proxmark Community]
make slightly easier to add new document types to
add COPY and RESET functions to
add automatic keytype and default key checking to
fix MIFARE KeyA and KeyB handling on all supported readers
add - read Mifare UltraLight tags [Keith Howell]
add support for libnfc devices [Nick von Dadelszen] (work in progress)
allow global overrides to be specified in ENV variable, e.g.
export RFIDIOtconfig="-s 9600 -l /dev/ttyUSB1 -R RFIDIOt.rfidiot.READER_ACG"
use latest (ver 0.2) for libnfc devices
add device listing to libnfc support (-N)
add more keys to [nethemba]
strip leading character from ACG LFX UID
add cosmo card (alternative to jcop) upload files for gpshell
fix init for
make sure all programs exit with status (also removes annoying PCSC error on close)
wait for passport in [Adam Urban]
add lifecycle data to
fix reading unknown block size in readblock()
detect more ACS readers [Keith Howell]
port pynfc to new libNFC API (1.6.0-rc1)
add libnfc mifare command support (TODO: error handling)
*** note that early ACS devices such as ACR122-V1/TikiTag/TouchaTag are not currently
working with native libNFC (V2 seem to work fine). This is a libNFC issue.
However, ACR122-V1/TikiTag/TouchaTag devices can be used if libNFC is compiled with
acr122_pcsc driver support, and then used in conjunction with pcscd, in chich case
they should work as READER_LIBNFC and/or READER_PCSC types.
Android support [Nick von Dadelszen]
move to a package style implementation
detect ACS reader type more reliably