How to contribute to AdoptOpenJDK Infrastructure

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Why would I want to?

The intention of AdoptOpenJDK is to provide binaries and hardware access for all of the major platforms, for the purposes of...

  • Allowing end users to have a reliable source of OpenJDK binaries for all platforms.
  • Research and Development by OpenJDK developers, academics and researchers.
  • An open, common, audited, build infrastructure for vendors to use (if they wish).
  • Providing a place to try out build infrastructure ideas that might one day be re-implemented in the OpenJDK project.

To achieve this, we need people to help us maintain the infrastructure, tools and systems we use and rely on. If this is something you'd like to get involved with, this document provides an overview of how to get started.

If you want to get involved, please read on...

Sign up for a free GitHub account

If you don't have a GitHub account already, follow the instructions here to get one. You don't need a paid one to work on AdoptOpenJDK, so sign up for a free one.

Join the AdoptOpenJDK GitHub Organisation

This is at It's an open community so you should be able to access it. If you can't, please contact a member of the admin-infrastructure team (see the contacts section below).

Join the infrastructure team

The infrastructure team repository is at To contribute to it, you'll need to join the infrastructure team. To do this, go to the AdoptOpenJDK Infrastructure repository and create an issue requesting to be added. The issue I created is here if you want an example.

A member of the admin-infrastructure section team will approve the issue and add you to the team. The approval itself does not automatically add you - that's there for traceability. You'll have to wait to be added.

More onboarding instructions

Please read the following guides...

If you are not able to access those documents, please contact any member of the admin-infrastructure teams.

The rest of this document describes what else you need to do.


  • Provides ssh key management.
  • See SSH Key Management with KeyBox in the AdoptOpenJDK blog for more details about how we use KeyBox.
  • Used to control access to AdoptOpenJDK machines.
  • Add your personal public ssh key to allow you to log on to the AdoptOpenJDK machines using your ssh key.
  • Ask a member of the admin_infrastructure team to add your public ssh key.


  • Monitors the AdoptOpenJDK machines.
  • Web interface at
    • Ask a member of the admin_infrastructure team for the credentials to log on.
    • Log on using the userid and SSH key you added to KeyBox.

Ansible AWX


Secrets, gpg and dotgpg

  • We have a secrets repository at
  • We use it to hold files that have been encrypted.
  • We use a tool called dotgpg to create, encrypt, decrypt, edit and view these files.
    • Instructions for how to set this up this tool here.


Follow us on...


The admin-infrastructure team

  • See the list of team members in GitHub here.

The infrastructure team

  • See the list of team members in GitHub here.
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