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Missing Archetypes - Master List #10

AlanOC91 opened this issue Jul 27, 2018 · 4 comments

Missing Archetypes - Master List #10

AlanOC91 opened this issue Jul 27, 2018 · 4 comments


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@AlanOC91 AlanOC91 commented Jul 27, 2018

This will be a community driven list of Archetypes that are potentially missing from the database. The archetype section is realtively new so a lot of cards may still be missing an archetype or else they'll be in the wrong archetype.

In our database,cards cannot be part of two archetypes. So for example:

"Koa'ki Meiru Guardian" would have a primary archetype of "Koa'ki Meiru" and a secondary archetype of "Guardian".

The primary archetype will always be chosen.


Guardian Archetype - Added 27/07/18
Silent Magician - Added 27/07/18

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@DevGlogicM DevGlogicM commented Jul 27, 2018

Interesting case about "Koa'ki Meiru Guardian". As you said, it belongs to two archetypes at the same time "I didn't know (until now) that this could happen".

IMHO, it would be helpful and informative if you add a new entry explaining why cards cannot be part of two archetypes in your database.

-> This is mostly for avoid mix issues in the same thread and maybe for future references, redirect to others if they want report a similar issue.

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@DevGlogicM DevGlogicM commented Jul 27, 2018

I'm adding in this section the cards I find either it doesn't belong to any archetype (yet) or doesn't exist (yet) in YGOPRODeck website.

N.B: If you have enough permissions for edit this entry, please update this entry.



Ally of Justice

  • According to Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, Flamvell Magician is from "Flamvell" archetype, but it is listed as "Ally of Justice" support. It should show a "support" section in the card's details (just bellow of "Archetype" section). - Done 29/07/18 / Will add a "Support" Section to do list. #12

Ancient Gear

  • Geartown exist, but must be added to "Ancient Gear" archetype* - Done 29/07/18


  • According to Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, Qlimate Change belongs to "Qli" and "Apoqliphort" archetypes. - Will possibly mix archetypes together or use as "Support" section #12


  • According to Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode belongs to three archetypes: "Red Dragon Archfiend", "Archfiend" and "/Assault Mode". - May need to use "Support" section #12
  • Toon Summoned Skull should be shown in "Archfield" archetype too. - May need to use "Support" section #12 since primary archetype is most certainly Toon.

Armed Dragon


  • I don't know how you selected this archetype. I didn't find any related info in yugioh cardbase and yugioh wikia. - Done 29/07/18 Archetype removed


  • Archetype not found in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia. - Done 29/07/18 Archetype removed

Black Luster Soldier


Blaze Accelerator



Chemical: not archetype found "yet" in YGOPRODeck website. More info about "Chemical" archetype.

Burning Abyss

Butterfly: The following cards does not belong to the "Butterfly" archetype:

Buttlerfly: I'm not sure about these cards added in this archetype:

The entire archetype belongs to anime "according to "Butterfly support cards" from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia".


I ask for help for this archetype. Personally it is confusing the info provided in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia.


  • Wild Fire - Done 29/07/18 Gave it Blaze Accelerator as it seemed more fitting but may merge Blaze Accelerator with Volcanic

Red Dragon Archfiend is considered an archetype?, if so, card named Red Supremacy belongs to it.

I'm leaving here the query I use for search cards in archetypes using the Semantic Search in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia where you can search all archetypes listened there.
If you want to check any archetype, just change the query and type the name of the archetype you want search.

NOTE: It seems that Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia Semantic Search is not updated, for example, despite the query linked in previous lines, if you search "Alien" archetype, it wont show spell/trap cards.

I'll try keep updated this entry, but, If someone want join, you're welcome. I think that, we can use YGOPRO for select and compare archetypes.

Update in progress...

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@bigdan27 bigdan27 commented Feb 9, 2019

  • HERO monsters belong to the HERO and their specific archetype, same for certain archetype specific Number monsters

  • All cards with Guardian on their name belong to the Guardian archetype, except Celtic Guardian, Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress 1 and 2, Guardian of the Labryrinth and the Reliable Guardian

  • Time Wizard, Phantom Magician, Doomstar Magician, Hope Magician, Apprentice Magician, Silent Magician (Not the LV. one), Nightwing Sorceress and Milla the Temporal Magician belong to the Magician archetype

  • Ancient Gear Gadget belong to both Ancient Gear and Gadget archetypes

  • Apoqliphort cards also belong to Qli

  • Even though The Fabled is not an actual subarchetype of Fabled, you might want to include it too (?)

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@AlanOC91 AlanOC91 commented Feb 15, 2019

Ok ran through and made a few Archetype updates.

  • Updated a few Guardian cards but there was still some I feel don't belong to "Guardian" such as "Firewall Guardian".
  • Updated most of the Magician cards to the Magician archetype except Night Wing Sorceress who I feel better belongs to the Assault archetype.

Regarding the rest, I think the main solution is for me to implement a "Supports" section to the card which would be a sub of Archetype. So cards like Night Wing Sorceress could then in theory be put in the Magician archetype but also "support" "Assault Mode".


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@luqezr luqezr commented Jul 18, 2019

Hello!, This card should be in the "Masked Hero" archetype.
Mask Charge / Card ID : 87819421

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