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FOMCON toolbox for MATLAB
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FOMCON toolbox for MATLAB R2010a+

Installation Instructions


The following MATLAB toolboxes are required for FOMCON to work:

  • Control System toolbox;
  • Optimization toolbox. However, even if the Optimization toolbox is not available in the MATLAB installation, it is still possible to use certain toolbox features.


The installation currently comprises the following steps:

  • Decompress the zipped folder into a directory of your choice, e.g. *C:\fomcon*
  • Setup the directory in your MATLAB path. In the MATLAB, go to File > Set Path... and click on Add with Subfolders.... Now, select the directory that contains the fomcon folder.
  • Save the path for future MATLAB sessions (usually administrator priveleges are necessary). This completes the installation.


Support is offered through the official website at One needs to register to receive the ability to post comments and access the support forums.

Citing FOMCON Toolbox in Academic Works

If you find FOMCON useful in your research projects, kindly cite one or more of the following references choosing the one that is most suitable for your particular research topic:

  1. A. Tepljakov, E. Petlenkov, and J. Belikov, “Gain and Order Scheduled Fractional-order PID Control Of Fluid Level in a Multi-Tank System,” in 2014 International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications, 2014, pp. 1–6.
  2. A. Tepljakov, E. Petlenkov, and J. Belikov, “Closed-Loop Identification of Fractional-order Models using FOMCON Toolbox for MATLAB,” in Proc. 14th Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference, 2014, pp. 213–216.
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  5. A. Tepljakov, E. Petlenkov, J. Belikov, and M. Halás, “Design and Implementation of Fractional-order PID Controllers for a Fluid Tank System,” in Proc. 2013 American Control Conference (ACC), Washington DC, USA, 2013, pp. 1780–1785.
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  7. A. Tepljakov. (2012) FOMCON: Fractional-order Modeling and Control. [Online]. Available:

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