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Alexa Skills Kit SDK For PHP

Building an Alexa skill can be a daunting yet rewarding task. There is a lot of support for those wishing to use Amazons Lambda service on AWS however up until now PHP support has been sketchy.

The aim of this SDK is to make it as easy as possible to create your Alexa skills without having the overhead of continually creating boiler plate code.

At present the SDK is quite basic. Over the coming weeks and months this will greatly improve.

Road Map

The following is a rough road map of the upcoming features and when they are expected to drop. This is not an exhaustive list. Remember if you cannot see a feature you are waiting for why not implement it or request it.

  • Implementation of states
  • A bit of fun, a release of a logging system that feeds into react php allowing live monitoring of your skill.
  • Implementation of list templates
  • Update templates so that they support action links
  • Implementation of video playback
  • Implementation of dialogue model
  • Implement progressive response


I have created some example skills for the SDK. These can be found in the examples folder. These examples are not exactly ground breaking and are intended to demonstrate how to use the SDK.

Giving Back

The time spent creating and maintaining this SDK is mine and mine alone. The SDK came about as part of my own need to facilitate my own skills. With that said if you happen to find the SDK useful and would like to give back in some way there are a couple of ways that you can do so.

Reporting Bugs

Reporting and fixing bugs is a very important aspect of software development. If you happen to find a bug be sure to report in the issues section of Github.

When reporting bugs it is important to give the relevant information to reproduce the behaviour. This should be carried out by providing the minimal code required to reproduce the issue.

By reporting bugs the code can only get better.

Implementing New Features / Refactoring Code

If you are also a programmer you can help by helping refactor code or implementing new features. To do this you should:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Implement the changes
  3. Submit a pull request

When implementing new features and refactoring code it is vital that you do not break existing code unless it is absolutely necessary.

Please bear in mind. If you implement a new feature, if the feature is not in keeping with the spirit of the repository the pull request may not be accepted. This is not a reflection of your programming skills. You can always maintain a forked version.

Find more out about forking and pull requests


If you do not posses the technical skills required to give back by assisting with the code you can always make a donation. This can be done through PayPal ( or directly through


All code released under this repository has been made available to you through the MIT licence. Please ensure that you take a read of the licence.