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Alfanous - Advanced Quranic Search Engine

We gratefully acknowledge contributions from the following. Please let us know if we missed anyone, thanks :)


  • Assem BigOther @assem-ch (API)

  • Muhammad Shaban @MuhammadShaban (packaging to Fedora Linux)

  • Zaki Smahi @zsmahi (Firefox toolbar)

  • Muslih Aqqad @muslih (Design)

  • Zineb Laouici @Zinebl (Facebook/G+ pages)

    We are looking for maintainers for those:
    • Desktop application (PyQt)
    • Website (Django)
    • Packaging to Ubuntu/Debian
    • Packaging to Archlinux
    • Windows Installer(py2exe, nsis)
    • Twitter account

    If you are interested, contact @assem-ch or mailing list <alfanous[at]googlegroups[dotcom]>




  • 2009-2010: Engineer Thesis
    • Title: Développement d'un moteur de recherche et d'indexation dans les documents coraniques
    • University: ESI - Algiers
    • Collaborators: A~CH (Student), Merouane Dahmani (Student), Taha Zerrouki ( Supervisor), Pr. Amar Balla ( Supervisor)
  • March 2011: Arabic Research paper
    • Title: An Application Programming Interface for indexing and search in Noble Quran
    • Original title: مكتبة برمجية للفهرسة والبحث في القرآن الكريم
    • Conference: NITS 2011 KSA
    • Collaborators: A~CH, Merouane Dahmani, Taha Zerrouki, Pr. Amar Balla
  • May 2012: English Research paper
    • Title:. Advanced Search in Quran: Classification and Proposition of All Possible Features
    • Conference: A pre-conference workshop in LREC 2012 Turkey which is about ”LRE-Rel: Language Resource and Evaluation for Religious Texts”
    • Collaborators: A~CH, Taha Zerrouki, Pr. Amar Balla

Graphics & Design

  • Icons,Logos: Abdellah Chelli, Muslih Al-Aqaad, Ahmed Ramadan, Moussa Drihem, Salaheddine Chelli
  • Wallpapers: Aji Fatwa, Abd Madjid Kemari, Walid Boumaza
  • Joomla Template: Muslih Al-aqaad


  • Windows NSIS installer: A~CH
  • Ubuntu/Sabily DEB package: Ahmed Almahmoudy
  • Fedora/OpenSuse/Ojuba RPM package: Muhammad Shaban
  • Arch-linux package: Walid Ziouche, Sohaib Afifi

Resource Enriching

  • Word index: Taha Zerrouki, A~CH, Asmaa Mhimeh, Rahma Maaref
  • Aya index: {Tanzil Project}, Taha Zerrouki (Subjects), Muhi-uddin (Indian mushaf pages)
  • Translations: {Tanzil Project},


  • Wiki: A~CH, Abdellah Chelli


  • News : Mohamed M Sayed, Yasser Ghemit, Kacem Boukraa, Asmaa Mhimeh,
  • Blog posts: Muslih Al-aqaad, Ahmed Jumal, Aji Fatwa

Community Management

  • Yasmine Hoadjli
  • Zineb Laouici
  • Meriem Bounif


To help in translation, contact us in the mailing list <alfanous[at]googlegroups[dotcom]>
  • Desktop application
    • Arabic: Abdelmonam Kouka, Assem Chelli, LionArt (ghazi.nocturne), Karim Oulad Chalha, Zarrabi
    • Indonesian: Amy Sidra, Arif Rahman Hakim, Muslih Al aqaad
    • Malay: Muhammad Fariz
    • Spanish: Ricardo Hermosilla
    • French: Mohamed Nadjib Mami, Mahmoud Halit
    • Albanian: 'lavhal'
  • Main Web Interface
    • Arabic: A~CH, Yasmine Houadjli, Merwan Ali
    • French: Zineb Pub, Yasmine Houadjli, Abdelkarim Aries, Nassim rehali, Nasreddine Cheniki, Jean-Marc
    • Indonesian: Ahmed Jumal , Amy Sidra, Mahyuddin Susanto
    • Japanese: Abdelkarim Aries
    • Spanish: Khireddine Chekraoui
    • Portuguese: Jonathan Da Fonseca
    • German: Dennis Baudys
    • Malay: 'abuyop', 'manwgn'
    • Kurdish: Rokar, هيمن درويش
    • Turkish: Ali Aksın, Muhammet Elbir
    • Malayalam: 'STyM Alfazz'
  • Old Mobile Web interface
    • Bosnian: Armin Kazi
    • Brazilian Portuguese: Aieon.corp(LP)
    • French: Karim Oulad Chalha, 'yass-pard'
    • Indonesian: Mahyuddin Susanto,
    • Italian: 'Guybrush88'
    • Japanese: Abdelkarim Aries
    • Malay: 'abuyop'

Test & Support

  • Test: Walid Ziouche, Zakaria Smahi, Muslih Alaqaad,
  • Bugs: Oussama Chammam, Ahmed Salem, xsoh, Yacer~, Jounathan~, BenSali~ , Many persons from the community, thanks to all.
  • Vulns: Jalil~


See THANKS.rst

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