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This project was created as part of Alfresco #DevCon2019 and aims to create a micro service that is able to analyise the sentiment of a content. As part of this project we will compare the different NLP frameworks and try to improve on the accuracy of the prediction.


  • Project setup.
  • Data preparation.
  • NLP Sentiment Analysis interface.
  • StandfordNLP implementation.
  • OpenNLP implementation.
  • SpringBoot setup to expose Rest-API endpoints
  • Unit test.

Stretch Tasks

  • Integrate the service into Alfresco, create a rule that invokes the Sentiment Analysis API.
  • Integrate with APS to perform a process based on the Sentiment result.


Change into the sentiment-analysis folder and perform the following:

Building The Application

mvn clean install

Running The Application

java -jar target/sentiment-analysis-1.0.0.jar To view the page: http://localhost:8080/

Docker Build

docker build -t SentimentAnalysis .

Running with Docker

docker run SentimentAnalysis To view the page: http://localhost:8080/


Get Sentiment Analysis ranking by sentence


$ curl -X POST \
  http://localhost:8080/analyze/v1/text \
  -H 'Content-Type: text/plain' \
  -d Text coming from Alfresco Content


    "ranking": {
        "positive": 3,
        "negative": 4,
        "neutral": 3