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access add address adjust aggregate allocate allow alphabetize annotate append apply ask assert assign attempt audit augment avoid begin bind block break bring build bump cache call cancel capitalize cast catch centralize change check choose clarify clean cleanup clear close collect combine comment commit compact compile complete configure conform connect consider consolidate continue convert coordinate copy correct create cut debug declare decouple decrease define deflake delay delete denote depend deploy deprecate describe deserialize determine differentiate disable disallow discuss display distinguish do dockerize document downgrade drop dump duplicate edit elaborate eliminate enable enforce enhance ensure escape exclude exit explain expose extend extract factor fail fill filter find finish fix flush follow force forget format generalize generate get give group handle hardcode heartbeat hide ignore implement import improve include incorporate increase increment init initialize inline insert install integrate introduce invalidate isolate journal keep kill leave let limit link list load lock log login make manage mark mention merge migrate modify move name normalize open optimize order organize output overload override parallelize parse pass perform permit pin placate polish populate port prefer prepare preserve prevent print process propagate prototype provide publish put quote read rearrange rebase recompute recover redefine redirect reduce reenable refactor reference refine reformat regen regenerate register reimplement relax release relocate remove rename reorder reorg reorganize rephrase replace replay report request require rerun reserve reset resolve respect respond restore restructure retrieve retry return reuse revert review revise reword rewrite roll run save search send separate set shade share shift shorten show shutdown simplify skip sleep solve sort space specify spell split start stash state stop store supply support suppress switch sync synchronize tag terminate test throw time track translate trim try tune turn tweak undo unify unignore unmount unwrap update upgrade use validate verify wait wrap write