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Provides Conda environment and package access extension from within Jupyter.

Conda tab in the Jupyter file browser

This extensions adds a Conda tab to the Jupyter file browser. Selecting the Conda tab will display:

You can click on the name of an environment to select it. That will allow you to:

  • see the packages installed in the environment
  • install new packages from the available package list
  • check for updates on selected (or all) packages
  • update selected (or all) packages in the environment.

Creating New Environments

There are two ways to create an environment:

  • Create a new environment Use the New Environment button at the top of the page, and select Python 2, Python 3, or R to create a base environment with the corresponding packages. Note that if you want to run a Jupyter python kernel in the new environment, you must also install the ipykernel package in the environment.

  • Clone an existing environment Click the clone button next to an environment in the list, and enter the desired name of the new environment.

Conda in the Notebook view

This extension adds a Conda Packages item to the Kernel menu. Selecting this item displays the list of Conda packages in the environment associated with the running kernel, and the list of available packages. You can perform the same actions as in the Conda tab, but only against the current environment.


conda create -y -n nb_conda python
conda install -y -n nb_conda --file requirements.txt -c conda-forge
source activate nb_conda
python develop
jupyter nbextension install nb_conda --py --sys-prefix --symlink
jupyter nbextension enable nb_conda --py --sys-prefix
jupyter serverextension enable nb_conda --py --sys-prefix



  • fix bug in check updates feature


  • support conda 4.3
  • support notebook security fix introduced in notebook 4.3.1


  • fix environment export button
  • allow environment names with one letter and validate against "suspicious" characters


  • update to new nb_conda_kernels naming scheme
  • namespace all API calls into /conda/


  • fix usage in root environment


  • minor build changes


  • Update to notebook 4.2


Conda environment and package access extension from within Jupyter



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