Billboard and polyline multi-frustum artifacts. #621

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bagnell commented Apr 6, 2013

There are rendering artifacts when drawing one billboard or polyline in multiple frustums.




pjcozzi commented Apr 6, 2013

To fill in the back story, this is a known issue for billboards caused by the depth plane and multiple frustums, but now it is more prominent with the polyline.


vicb commented Apr 22, 2013

I do see an issue with a polyline appearing in front of a mountain where it should be hidden behind. Could this be related to this issue / Is it an other known issue / should I create a new issue ?
Thanks for your help.


pjcozzi commented Apr 22, 2013

@vicb that is the same issue I believe. The depth values for the mountains are cleared so the polyline doesn't know that it is behind it.


bagnell commented Feb 28, 2014

I believe this is a duplicate with #1506. You can see below that the billboard is drawn when only the commands from the last frustum are executed. When the next frustum's commands are executed, you get the same image as above where the terrain overwrites the part of the billboard drawn over the background color.
I'm closing this because the other bug has more information.

bagnell closed this Feb 28, 2014


pjcozzi commented Feb 28, 2014

Agreed. Thanks.

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