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sublime-fuzzy Maven Central

sublime-fuzzy is a pure Kotlin implementation of Sublime Text's fuzzy searching algorithm, widely recognized to be among the best in the industry.

It is available as a Kotlin Multiplatform library for the following platforms

  • Android
  • JVM
  • NodeJS
  • Browsers (JavaScript)
  • Linux x64
  • MingW x64
  • iOS arm64
  • iOS x64
  • tvOS arm64
  • tvOS x64
  • watchOS arm32
  • watchOS arm64
  • macOS x64
  • iOS simulator arm64
  • tvOS simulator arm64
  • watchOS simulator arm64
  • Android native arm32
  • Android native arm64


For single-platform projects

dependencies {
  implementation("<latest version>")

For Kotlin multiplatform projects

kotlin {
  sourceSets["commonMain"].dependencies {
    implementation("<latest version>")


Huge thanks to Forrest Smith for their blog 'Reverse Engineering Sublime Text's Fuzzy Match' that served as a baseline for this implementation.