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Frequently asked questions… and answers

Is this the entire Angular Boot Camp curriculum?

This is the bulk of the example code we use in teaching Angular Boot Camp, but there are extra parts that we distribute as needed in class. Reading through these files is not a substitute for attending class – much of the “magic” is from the instruction and workshop assistance.

Why has Oasis Digital published this material?

  • We’ve been making this material available to students after class “forever” – and this is a new and easier way to do so.
  • Some potential students have asked to preview some of our materials, and this is a great way to make them available.
  • Posting them here makes it exceptionally easy to load them up in StackBlitz and other tools.
  • In the early days of Angular, our examples were a unique asset, but nowadays the Web is densely populated with information about Angular. Yet it varies wildly in quality, and especially in timeliness. By publishing our material, we offer a (hopefully) canonical, reliable source of always up-to-date examples of numerous Angular features.

Is this Open Source?

Yes! The materials here are released under the Apache 2 license, which allows reuse with attribution. When doing so, please credit as follows:

Oasis Digital,

Can I use this to teach my own “Angular Boot Camp”?

That trademark is owned by Oasis Digital. Please choose another name for your classes.

Will these examples be updated?

We publish the examples here via an automated mechanism. As we continue to update how we teach Angular Boot Camp, these examples will automatically get updated.

How can I help?

Link, tweet, star repositories, and encourage your friends and coworkers to attend Angular Boot Camp!