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Latest commit e007bc4 Jul 26, 2016 @tmarballi tmarballi committed on GitHub Merge pull request #2092 from menivaitsi/3.0.0
Bumping AppScale version to 3.0.0
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AppController Ensure replication does not exceed DB nodes Jul 25, 2016
AppDB Log table names as they are created Jul 25, 2016
AppDashboard Addressing code review comments. Jun 10, 2016
AppLoadBalancer Unified the make_call behavior across clients. Aug 11, 2015
AppManager Remove references to keystore for Java AppServer May 25, 2016
AppServer Ensure memcache value is not decremented below 0. Jun 22, 2016
AppServer_Java Fetch Java SDK from S3 package mirror May 26, 2016
AppTaskQueue Merge pull request #2083 from menivaitsi/delete-completed-tasks Jul 22, 2016
Apps/sensor Checking in unit tests for new methods in hermes. Apr 13, 2016
Hermes Checking in changes from code review comments. Apr 18, 2016
InfrastructureManager Log monit service error Jul 19, 2016
SearchService Added commit Jan 30, 2015
XMPPReceiver Fixed nginx issue where it would be fatal, cleaned up ruby code to ma… May 20, 2014
debian Use older version of httparty Jul 25, 2016
lib Wait for at most 30 seconds for monit. Jul 25, 2016
scripts Ensure replication does not exceed DB nodes Jul 26, 2016
.gitignore ignoring .idea files produced by rubymine Dec 28, 2012
LICENSE Updating the year on the License and removing the duplicate license u… Apr 4, 2016
LICENSE.UCSB added ucsb license back in Jun 26, 2013 Changing links to HTTPS. Apr 27, 2016
RELEASE Remove no-op entries from RELEASE changelog. Jul 26, 2016
Rakefile Renaming the directory to Apps. Apr 1, 2016
VERSION Bumping AppScale version to 3.0.0 Jul 25, 2016
Watchfile not having rakefile and watchfile look over neptune dir, since it no … Aug 15, 2013 Brokers and initial implementation of bulk add started, more tests. Jan 28, 2013 Removing bootstrap log redirect to non-existing dir. Jul 25, 2016 removed paths no longer valid May 14, 2014
firewall.conf UserAppService is not exposed anymore. Jun 27, 2016


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AppScale is an open-source cloud computing platform that automatically deploys and scales unmodified Google App Engine applications over public and private cloud systems and on-premise clusters. AppScale is modeled on the App Engine APIs and has support for Python, Go, PHP and Java applications.

AppScale is developed and maintained by AppScale Systems, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, California, and Google.

Why Use AppScale?

The goal of AppScale is to provide developers with a rapid, API-driven development platform that can run applications on any cloud infrastructure. AppScale decouples application logic from its service ecosystem to give developers and cloud administrators control over application deployment, data storage, resource use, backup, and migration.

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Community and Support

Join the Community Google Group for announcements, help, and to discuss cloud research.

Also, join us on #appscale on freenode if you have questions, suggestions, comments, or just want to say hi!