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Kirby's Adventure Randomizer

Randomize levels, character colors, and enemy abilities for Kirby's Adventure on NES.

Written by Austin Bricker, 2017-2020

-- Overview --

Randomizes the level order, enemy abilities, and Kirby's color in Kirby's Adventure. The main functionality is a web interface which is meant to be used with a US version of Kirby's Adventure for NES. As of Version 3.0.3, only the original release of the game (PRG0) is supported.

-- Features --

  • Randomize the levels! You can now randomize the level order, so each level door you go through will take you to an unexpected level!
    • Note, boss doors and a handful of the regular levels (the ones with warp stars) are not randomized as of yet.
  • Randomize enemy abilities! Enemies will give you different abilities than the vanilla game when eaten.
  • Change your color! Choose between a few presets I've designed, or pick any color that the NES has to offer!

-- Usage --

All you need is a US copy of the original version of the Kirby's Adventure ROM (which is left to the user to obtain). Then, visit, choose the options you desire, select your file, and press 'Randomize'.

-- Running Locally --

This project runs entirely in the client, so if you need to use the randomizer off-line, you can simply download and visit the webpage in a browser. To do so, either click Clone or download on the GitHub page and download the zip file, or in a Terminal run git clone Once downloaded, simply open index.html in a browser of your choice!

-- Credits --

The source code for the CryptoJS MD5 library can be found here:

-- Known Issues --

  • Dying with Star Rod disables select button until level completion
  • All six levels with in-level Warp Stars are not randomized, due to game-breaking bugs occurring.
  • Museum enemies are not randomized

-- Version History --

v4.0.0 - 11/1/18 - Ported entire project from Python to JavaScript, from now on the project will use a web-based interface.

v3.0.3 - 2/25/18 - Changed icon to not match KNDL-Randomizer, removed support for PRG1

v3.0.2 - 1/23/18 - Removed the last two stages with Warp Stars from randomization to avoid potential bugs

v3.0.1 - 1/22/18 - Removed stage 7-2 from randomization list due to Warp Star bugs

v3.0.0 - 12/31/17 - Added support for randomizing the level order, full randomization of Kirby's color, and checksum verification

v2.0.1 - 11/20/17 - Added option to only change Kirby's color, but don't randomize anything

v2.0.0 - 11/16/17 - Added GUI interface. Can now select specific Kirby color in addition to randomizing the color. Switched from Python 2 to Python 3

v1.0.3 - 9/2/17 - Removed need to import data from txt files. Entire program now contained in .py

v1.0.2 - 6/8/17 - Added option to randomize Kirby's color palette

v1.0.1 - 5/25/17 - Fixed issues with OS dependancy. The Python program now works on all OS's, and added an exe program for Windows users.

v1.0.0 - 5/24/17 - Completed the Python program. Enemy abilites are now randomized, supports options for omitting the Star Rod ability or randomizing non-ability enemies.