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Information about the ARK Ecosystem Bounty Program
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Thanks for your interest in contributing to the ARK Ecosystem! Please take a moment to review this document before submitting a pull request.


ARK has a bounty program for all accepted PR (Pull Requests) for this repository

More information can be found at

Before pushing PR, please jump in our slack #development channel in order to discuss your contributions or to connect with other ARK developers.


  • pickup any of the existing issues or if you find an issue make a PR,
  • only one PR reward will be awarded per issue it fixes,
  • solving an open issue will increase your chances to be picked up as any of the monthly bounty winners.

Accepted PR

  • General Refactor
  • Adding & Refactoring Tests
  • Improving Test Coverage
  • General Bug Fixes
  • Implement new features
  • Improve documentation
  • create something new for ARK.

Pull requests

Please ask first before starting work on any significant new features.

It's never a fun experience to have your pull request declined after investing a lot of time and effort into a new feature. To avoid this from happening, we request that contributors create an issue to first discuss any significant new features.

Coding standards

Our code formatting rules are defined in an .eslintrc file in each repository. You can check your code against these standards by running:

yarn lint

To automatically fix any style violations in your code, you can run:

yarn lint --fix

Running tests

You can run the test suite using the following commands:

yarn test

Please ensure that the tests are passing when submitting a pull request. If you're adding new features, please include tests.

Eligible Repositories