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System integration

Windows Explorer

Execute the installer script as follows:

explorer-integration.bat [install | uninstall] [--admin]

If you cannot run regedit.exe or reg.exe in your company, here is a workaround to make it work:

  • Run cmd.exe with elevated rights (as admin)
  • Run psexec -i -s -d cmd.exe in this shell
  • In the newly opened shell, run explore-integration.bat install --admin
  • Close shells

Be aware that using SOS commands from th Windows Explorer doesn't work for link files (*.lnk). Instead use Windows folder junctions (mklink /J JunctionName OriginalFolder). Doesn't work on ReFS file systems, though.

Thunar integration (XFCE on Linux)

  • Run python
  • Close and reopen all Thunar windows