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# Install
## The aroma.affymetrix package
To install or update aroma.affymetrix and all required and recommended
packages, start R and do:
That's it. (You can install any CRAN and Bioconductor package using this
## News/Change logs
pkgs <- c("aroma.affymetrix", "", "aroma.core", "R.filesets", "PSCBS", "future", "future.BatchJobs", "future.batchtools")
<% for (pkg in pkgs) { %>
- [<%=pkg%>](<%=pkg%>):
<% } %>
- [aroma.light](
- [affxparser](
- [sfit](
- aroma - Are you looking for the original aroma package that
processes spotted microarrays? Then please see its
[installation](<%=pathTo('/packages/aroma/')%>) instructions.
## Requirements
- Software: [R](
- Operating system: Linux, OS X, Windows, ... (any that runs R)
- Memory: Minimum 500 MiB of RAM. Recommended \> 1 GiB.
- Disk space: Roughly 3-5 times the total size of your raw data files.
## License
Unless stated otherwise, the aroma.* and R.* packages are distributed
under the [LGPL v2.1](
license, and the documentation on this site is published under the [GFPL
v1.3]( license. Copyright holder is
Henrik Bengtsson and/or the original author of the artifact.