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An OS X app that automatically mutes ads on Spotify.

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Version 1.3.0

- Option to hide menu bar icon #21
- The last opened Spotifree will be used as login item
- Now uses validateMenuItem:
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Spotifree is a free OS X app that automatically detects and mutes Spotify audio ads.


  1. Download Spotifree from the website;
  2. Move to the Applications folder, run, and enjoy your ad-free music listening experience :)

On the first run, Spotifree will ask you if you want it to run automatically at login. If you agree, the app will be added to the login items. From this moment, Spotifree will mute all Spotify ads it detects (usually, all of them). Don't worry though, it will not impact your Mac's performance and you'll never notice it running.

How it works

Spotifree is polling Spotify every .3 seconds to see if current track has a track number of 0 (as all ads do). If it is, Spotify is muted for a duration of an ad. When an ad is over, the volume is set to the way it was before.


The first build may take a while because the Sparkle Framework will be downloaded automatically by this run script:

#Check whether Sparkle.framework exists
if [ ! -d "$SRCROOT/Sparkle.framework/" ]; then

    echo "Downloading Sparkle. This may take a while."
    curl --silent "" > "$SRCROOT/"

    unzip -q "$SRCROOT/" -d "$SRCROOT/Sparkle/"
    mv "$SRCROOT/Sparkle/Sparkle.framework" "$SRCROOT/Sparkle.framework"

    rm -rf "$SRCROOT/Sparkle/"
    rm "$SRCROOT/"
    echo "Done"


If this doesn't work for you, do it manually:

  1. Download Sparkle from the website.
  2. Go to the unzipped Sparkle folder.
  3. Copy "Sparkle.framework" to your project folder.
  4. Done. You can now build the app in Xcode.
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