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WebTranslateIt synchronisation console
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Web Translate It Synchronisation Console

Web Translate It

wti-server is a sinatra app you can use to run a friendly web interface to sync your translations. It allows a translation team to refresh the language files on a staging server without asking the developers to manually wti pull.


gem install web_translate_it_server


Go to the directory of the application you want to run the server on and do:


By default, it starts an application on localhost on the port 4000. You will find the tool on http://localhost:4000.

Should you need to use another host or port, you can use the -h and -p options. For example: wti server -p 1234.

You may want to run some commands before or after syncing translations. You can use the hooks to do so. For instance, you could add the following in your .wti file:

before_pull: "echo 'some unix command'"
after_pull:  "touch tmp/restart.txt"

before_pull and after_pull are respectively executed before and after pulling language files.

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