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This is Stratum Proxy for Ethereum based pools (RPCv2) using asynchronous networking written in Python Twisted. Originally developed for DwarfPool

NOTE: This fork is still in development. Some features may be broken. Please report any broken features or issues.


  • Additional up to 20% increase of earning compared to standard pools
  • ETH stratum proxy
  • Automatically failover via proxy
  • Only one connection to the pool
  • Workers get new jobs immediately
  • Submit of shares without network delay, it's like solo-mining but with benefits of professional pool
  • Central Wallet configuration, miners doesn't need wallet as username
  • Support monitoring via email
  • Bypass worker_id for detailed statistic and per rig monitoring
  • pass submitHashrate to pool

#How it works

   Pool A <---+                        +-------------+ Rig1 / PC1
 (Active)      |                       |
               |                       +-------------+ Rig2 / PC2
               |                       |
  Pool B <---+-----StratumProxy  <-----+-------------+ Rig3 / PC3
(FailOver)                             |
                                       +-------------+ Rig4 / PC4
                                       +-------------+ Leaserigs



  • all configs in file eth-proxy.conf

#Command line to miner start, recommended farm-recheck to use with stratum-proxy is 200

#External script to restart proxy (made by rain)

Proxy working check

  • To check that proxy works open in browser (or your changed ip and port from config)
  • If you see "Ethereum stratum proxy" and some infos about connections.
  • If not then mostly case that you have application running on this port, at example Antivirus.


  • ETH: 0xea7263feb7d8a8ab0a11eedd8f1ce04412ab0820


eth-proxy is built in python. I have been testing it with 2.7.3, but it should work with other versions. The requirements for running the software are below.

  • Python 2.7+
  • python-twisted

#Installation and start

  • [Linux]
  1. install twisted
 apt-get install python-twisted
  1. start proxy with
 python ./

Or use python source code

  1. Download Python Version 2.7.10 for Windows

  2. Modify PATH variable (how-to and add C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts;

  3. Install python setuptools

  4. Install Python-Twisted File Twisted-15.4.0.win32-py2.7.msi (32bit) or (64bit)

  5. Install zope.interface, in console run:

   easy_install -U zope.interface
  1. Install PyWin32 v2.7 pywin32-219.win32-py2.7.exe or

  2. Download eth-proxy. Extract Change settings in and start with command:




  • Original version by Slush0 (original stratum code)
  • More Features added by GeneralFault, Wadee Womersley and Moopless


  • This software is provides AS-IS without any warranties of any kind. Please use at your own risk.