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How to contribute

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Medserve.

You can find out a bit more about Medserve by reading the README file within this repository.

Reporting issues

Issues can be used to:

  • Report a defect
  • Request a new feature or enhancement
  • Ask a question

New issues will be automatically populated with a template that highlights the information that needs to be submitted with an issue that describes a defect. If the issue is not related to a defect, please just delete the template and replace it with a detailed description of the problem you are trying to solve.

Creating a pull request

New pull requests within the Medserve repository are pre-populated with a checklist that describes the Definition of Done that we assess all new changes against. It is ok to submit a pull request that has not yet addressed all of these items, but be aware that the change will not be merged until it meets the Definition of Done.

Please communicate with us (preferably through creation of an issue) before embarking on any significant work within a pull request. This will prevent situations where people are working at cross-purposes.

Code of conduct

Before making a contribution, please read the code of conduct.

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