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custom error msgs for built-in validators #747

aheckmann opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for this (I asked for this on stackoverflow and google group thread).
Yesterday I forked mongoose in order to fix this. Look at my fork and tell me your opinions please.


@ManInTheBox @aheckmann ?

I am resorting to not use any of the built-in validators just for this reason...


So is there meanwhile a way to define custom error messages for the built ion validator?


I second daslicht, how does one define custom error messages for the built ion validator?


closed via c328227...master

@aheckmann aheckmann closed this

I don't see this implemented on 3.7, still see the old error formatting!


so are there any examples ?


An example would be great..


I've actually resorted to using a really hacky check against each of the errors in the error object and just setting a binary flag in my template for final output. so a Big +1 from me on some examples.


There's a basic example in the validation docs but could be improved. Open to PR :) See #2778 to track that issue.

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