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usefulthink fixed link 54c2035
@lukaszfiszer lukaszfiszer Fixed link to "Installation on Heroku" page 54d9ebc
@rvagg rvagg Updated Home (markdown) 805be54
@rvagg rvagg Updated Home (markdown) 4165084
@vodolaz095 vodolaz095 i'm going to install this on fedora, i will explain my actions 92f1065
@respectTheCode respectTheCode Fix link to Installation heroku 7e1f1de
@RandomEtc RandomEtc downplay the headings in light of the main page heading size 39c8fb2
@RandomEtc RandomEtc add some headings to explain the previous edit 498767a
@RandomEtc RandomEtc added Heroku and split off main desktop OSes from Cloud platforms db330cc
@andreasbotsikas andreasbotsikas Updated Home (markdown) 23d3f04
@cam-intel cam-intel Updated Home (markdown) 7d30433
@BHSPitMonkey BHSPitMonkey Fixed markdown typo... e883dca
@BHSPitMonkey BHSPitMonkey Added Ubuntu 9d8f068
@tj tj Updated Home (markdown) 6794ecf
@RandomEtc RandomEtc added links to installation notes 6527b0d
LearnBoost Initial Commit ffde160
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