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Is this project dead. Add collaborators ? #100

kaareal opened this Issue Feb 21, 2013 · 13 comments

6 participants

kaareal commented Feb 21, 2013

It has been 5 month since the latest update and the library is not compatible with twitters 1.1 rest api. Plenty of good pull requests.


But nobody is pulling.

So following the history of node-twitter. We are now on the 3 fork of the library.
Do we need a 4. fork ?

I think the best option would be to get @AvianFlu to add some collaborator.


I agree with this assessment, this is a pivotal library for a lot of my work and have been growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of management... @AvianFlu, I'd be happy to take over as a maintainer, let me know.


Another +1, I just recently forked to implement some of the pull requests

passcod commented Feb 25, 2013

I had a need for a working Node client for Twitter 1.1 immediately so I’ve forked it and published it to npm under the name mtwitter. It “works for me™” although I haven’t tested it extensively. I pulled in a bunch of the PRs (just the straightforward ones, though; I'm not comfortable enough with the codebase just yet to merge more complex changes manually — but that's where you come in!): #77, #95, #79, #94, #86, #82, and updated the list of contributors on the package.json.

Do we need a 4th fork?

If @AvianFlu rises from the dead and resurrects this, it'd be cool, but so far (sadly) it looks like there is a need for a new fork, yes. However, I don't think I'll be spending much time maintaining this, and I'm keen to open up the process to be more community-oriented, so I'm quite happy to give push rights to someone(s), @martindale, if you're interested? (As well as publish rights / maintainer role on npm, of course :)

kaareal commented Feb 25, 2013

Yeah I also dont have more time to wait, need to get started with the twitter 1.1 rest api migration.
Gonna use @passcod mtwitter for now then.

I would also be interested in getting added as a maintaining.
Thanks for getting this rolling


Can we also look into maybe pulling in #71? I added it to my fork since I mostly use the streaming api, and cleans up some parts of the code here and there.

passcod commented Feb 25, 2013

@marshallbu If you can clean it up and PR it in mtwitter I'll be happy to pull it. It looks significant so I don't want to touch it myself carelessly as I'm not too comfortable with the streaming API.


@passcod I'll be happy to do that, after a few shots of vodka. Its not as many changes as it looks, there were a TON of changes where the submitter changed the tabbing on (way too many) lines, so it made it look immense. I'll take a look at yours and see if I can make the same changes.

AvianFlu commented Mar 6, 2013

Sorry, everybody!

Who wants commit access? I haven't had the time for this library for a while now. I'll start trying to figure out some good people to add over the next few days.


Hey @AvianFlu! Glad to have you back. I'd love to have maintainer access, been merging changes from various forks for some time now for production deployments!

passcod commented Mar 7, 2013

Oh, hey didn't see that. Would be good to give npm maintainer access to people too, @AvianFlu. I guess I'll close my fork now :)


What's the status on this? I'm using for now.


@ricardobeat some people have moved over to for the time being


@AvianFlu what's going on?

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