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Change Log v5.1 (August 21, 2018)

Change Log v5.0 (November 21, 2017)

  • Remove all jQuery references
  • Remove old IE support; support starts from IE11 (the user will have to verify compatibility for older versions)
  • Remove SPArrayIndexOf()
  • Remove SPArrayForEach()
  • Remove SPIsArray() (use Array.isArray instead)
  • Remove Strim.prototype.trim polyfill
  • Remove $SP().encode_b64() and $SP().decode_b64() (the code can be retrieved here
  • Remove alias $SP().list().del() (use $SP().list().remove() instead)
  • Remove native support for $SP().formfields() (you now need to call the related plugin)
  • Remove callbacks for all functions
  • Add Promise for all functions
  • Change $SP().ajax() to integrate nanoajax (no need to call nanoajax from a seperate file)
  • Change options for $SP().ajax() to fit with nanoajax
  • Change $SP().getURL() to return a Promise (async requests are not supported by recent browsers anymore)
  • Change parameters for $SP().list().createFile(), and it must now be called with $SP().list()
  • Change parameters for $SP().list().createFolder(), and it must now be called with $SP().list()
  • Change encoding for $SP().list().addAttachment() from Base64 to ArrayBuffer
  • Change values returned by $SP().list().view()
  • Change values returned by $SP().list().views()
  • Change values returned by $SP().list().add()
  • Change values returned by $SP().list().update()
  • Change values returned by $SP().list().remove()
  • Change values returned by $SP().list().moderate()
  • Change behavior for $SP().list().add() and $SP().list().update() when an empty array of values is passed as a column value to be added/updated (it will now return '' instead of ';#;#')
  • Add option cache for $SP().list().view()
  • Add option cache for $SP().lists()
  • Add option packetsize for $SP().list().moderate()
  • Add $SP().getPageSize() that permits to get the size of the document/page
  • Add option soapURL to $SP().webService() (see
  • Add wiki pages for "Term/Taxonomy/Managed Metadata" (see
  • Add wiki page for Discussion Board (see
  • Add Property property for a TaxonomyFieldType returned by $SP().list().info()
  • Add ._List that returns the details for the list for $SP().list().info()
  • Add $SP().hasREST() to detect if REST API is supported
  • Add progress function for $SP().createFile()
  • Add getXHR function for $SP().createFile()
  • Add support for ArrayBuffer for $SP().createFile()
  • Add SPArrayBufferToBase64 function() to transform an ArrayBuffer to a Base64 string
  • Add automatic JSON parsing for results from $SP().ajax() which Content-Type that matchs json
  • Add option soapAction for $SP().webService()
  • Add support for multiple ids/values for $SP().getLookup()
  • Add automatic support for digest token on $SP().ajax()
  • Add $SP().getRequestDigest()
  • Add option rootFolder for $SP().list().add() for support of Discussion Board
  • Add 30+ new QUnit tests
  • Fix $SP().formfields() when there is ampersand (&) into the field's name
  • Fix $SP().toSPDate() when time is required (see issue #64)
  • Fix SP().createFile() for big upload with REST API (see
  • Fix $SP.ajax() to resolve when the status code returned by the server is 2xx and not 200 only
  • Improve catch error from $SP().createFile
  • Optimize code for compression

Change Log v4.0 (May 4, 2017)

  • Add NodeJS support: SharepointPlus can now be called as a node module and can be used on server side
  • Add $SP().auth() that must be used when using NodeJS (based on
  • Add $SP().proxy() that can be used with NodeJS
  • Add Promise support for $SP().list().get()
  • Add Promise support for $SP().list().add()
  • Add Promise support for $SP().list().update()
  • Add Promise support for $SP().list().remove()
  • Add Promise support for $SP().list().createFolder()
  • Add Promise support for $SP().list().createFile()
  • Add Promise support for $SP().checkin()
  • Add SPExtend() that permits to clone/extend an object
  • Add $SP().webService() to send customized requests to the web services (instead of using SPServices)
  • Add qunit-test on $SP().webService()
  • Add qunit-test on $SP().checkin()
  • Add packetsize option for $SP().list().update()
  • Rewrite the documentation using JSDoc 3 instead of JSDoc 2
  • Reorganize the documentation to group the methods by category
  • Use of eslint to clean up the code
  • Change license from GPL 3.0 to LGLP 3.0 (see
  • Fix $SP().checkin() (see

Change Log v3.14 (March 6, 2017)

  • Add a sanitize filter for the filename in $SP().createFile() because Sharepoint doesn't like some special characters
  • Fix a bug with "Content Type" field in SP().formfields()
  • Fix a bug with SP().formfields().elem() when mixed fieldtypes where used
  • Handle callback even when showClose:false in $SP().showModalDialog()
  • Add more documentation for $SP().showModalDialog()
  • Add option id for $SP().showModalDialog()
  • Add option onload for $SP().showModalDialog()
  • Add function $SP().getModalDialog()
  • Add function $SP().resizeModalDialog()
  • Improve $SP().parse() for the IN operator
  • Review the code for join and outerjoin options within $SP().list().get()
  • Add new option join.onLookup for $SP().list().get()

Change Log v3.13 (August 23, 2016)

  • Fully compatible with Sharepoint 2013!
  • jQuery is not required anymore!
  • Rewrite $SP().createFile() with new options (see issue #26 and pull #29)
  • Add operator "IN" for WHERE clause thru $SP().parse() (e.g. 'Location IN ["Los Angeles","San Francisco","New York"]')
  • Add special words "TRUE" and "FALSE" for $SP().parse() to use with the Yes/No columns
  • Full rewrite of $SP().formfields() to be compatible with Sharepoint 2013 (a few things could be now different from previous versions)
  • Remove option data-sp-ignore from $SP().formfields()
  • Set 160 qUnit tests for almost all the functions
  • Add automatic qUnit test environment creation to make tests easier
  • Add option usejQuery to $SP().formfields().elem()
  • Add $SP().encode_b64() and $SP().decode_b64()
  • Add $SP().getURL() to return the current base url
  • Add $SP().regionalSettings() to return the user regional settings
  • Add $SP().regionalDateFormat() to return the date format based on the user regional settings (usefull for Date Picker fields manipulation)
  • Add $SP().list().startWorkflow2013() to start Sharepoint 2013 workflows (the other function remains for Sharepoint 2010 workflows)
  • Add Site Workflow start for $SP().list().startWorkflow()
  • Add $SP().showModalDialog(), $SP().closeModalDialog() and $SP().waitModalDialog()
  • Add two parameters (passedItems, failedItems) to options after for $SP().list().add(), $SP().list().update(), ...
  • Add $SP().list().addAttachment() to attach a document to a list item

Change Log v3.12 (January 26, 2016)

  • Fix problem with IE8 and Array.prototype.indexOf (issue #25)
  • Change the versioning number, from 3.0.11 to 3.12
  • Add qunit tests

Change Log v3.0.11 (January 11, 2016)

  • Fix $SP().forms() for Sharepoint 2013
  • Add $SP().formfields().isMandatory() to return the mandatory status of the field(s)
  • Add $SP().formfields().name() to return the name of the field(s)
  • Fix $SP().cleanResult() for "float;"
  • Add $SP().list().getContentTypes() to return the content types for a list
  • Add $SP().list().getContentTypeInfo() to return the content type info for a list
  • Add support of the Enhanced Textarea field
  • Fix $SP().formfields().each() that returns a jQuery object when calling this.elem() and this.row()
  • Fix $SP()).formfields().val() returning an empty array when no value available, and it now returns an empty string
  • Add more data returned by $SP().list().getWorkflowID()
  • Add $SP().workflowStatusToText() to convert the workflow status code to the related message
  • Add option "listItemCollectionPositionNext" to $SP().list().get() for paging
  • Fix $SP().list().getWorkflowID() to use ClientContent when permissions are insufficient

Change Log v3.0.10 (February 24, 2015)

  • Fix the $SP().list().get() to not change the original WHERE clause passed to the function when it's an array
  • Fix a bug with the $SP().list().views() because of a cache issue, and add a "cache" option
  • Fix the $SP().list().get() when we pass a ViewID
  • New parameter for $SP().toDate() that permits to force the UTC date
  • Fix a bug with $SP().list().add() and $SP().list().update() when an error is returned by the server
  • Add additional option called useIndexForOrderBy, for $SP().list().get(), based on this comment: that permits to override the list view threshold
  • Add a page option for $SP().list().get()
  • Add a code that runs automatically to change the Sharepoint complex dropdowns (when it's a lookup with more than 20 values) to a regular SELECT -- IE only
  • Add progress function with the paging:true option for $SP().list().get()
  • Fix a bug with $SP().formfields() when setting a value for a MULTIPLE LINE OF TEXT

Change Log v3.0.9 (June 20, 2014)

  • New option "cache" for $SP().groupMembers(),.distributionLists(),isMember(),.usergroups()
  • New function $SP().getUserInfo()
  • New options "calendar" and "calendarOptions" for $SP().list().get() to easily deal with the Calendar Lists / Events
  • Bug fix with $SP().formfields() when we activate the Recurrence in a calendar form
  • Add $SP().notify() and $SP().removeNotify() to deal more easily with SP.UI.Notify.addNotification
  • Fix the doc for the DateInUTC option of $SP().list().get()
  • Add "Node" as a new return for the $SP().list().views() function
  • Fix the option "path" for "folderOptions" in $SP().list().get() that didn't work

Change Log v3.0.8 (March 28, 2014)

  • Little bug fix and improvements
  • The WHERE clause of $SP().list().get() now supports "[Today-X]" or "[Today+X]" that is equivalent to the CAML syntax
  • New option escapeChar (true by default) for $SP().list().get() that permits to escape special chars (&, < and >) in the WHERE clausse
  • New operator ~= for $SP().parse() (the function that parses the WHERE clause) that is used to query a large list with an indexed User column (you'll need to know the User ID)
  • ATTENTION : the WHERE clausse of $SP().list().get() is now sensitive to the TIME, so "2012-10-31" will compare only the DATE when "2012-10-31 10:28:19" will compate the DATE AND the TIME (CAML equivalent of "IncludeTimeValue='TRUE'")
  • ATTENTION : $SP().toSPDate() now includes a second parameter -- by default this function will now return a date only (without the time), but if you pass "true" as second argument it will return a datetime (see the documentation)

Change Log v3.0.7 (December 14, 2013)

  • Fix a bug with $SP().formfields().elem() when it's a boolean-checkbox field (it returned the INPUT and the BR)
  • Add 'paging' option in $SP().formfields().get() that permits to get data from a very large list (that is useful when there is a list view threshold)

Change Log v3.0.6 (November 13, 2013)

  • Change the default value of "dateInUTC" to false for $SP().list().get()
  • Change $SP().toDate() to parse correctly the UTC dates
  • Fix $SP().formfields().val() to select the values passed in the same order as provided for a "lookup multiple" type
  • Add support for "LookupMulti" for $SP().list().info()
  • Fix a bug with $SP().toXLSString() when a number is in the first word
  • Fix a bug with $SP().formfields().val() when the field is a mutiple line of text and we're not on IE
  • Fix a bug with $SP().formfields().val() when the field is a people picker
  • Add the $SP().createFolder() function that permits to create a new folder into a Document Library
  • Add more options to $SP().list().get() to deal with the Document Libraries (see 'folderOptions')
  • Add another option to $SP().list().get() that permits to overwrite the "" part of the query
  • Add $SP().list().history() to get the versioning content for a field (like the Multiple Lines of Text when versioning is on)

Change Log v3.0.5 (August 5, 2013)

  • Add the $SP().list().startWorkflow() function to manually start a workflow
  • Add the $SP().list().getWorkflowID() function (that is internally used)
  • Fix $SP().formfields().val() for a people picker (Sharepoint 2010 compatibility)
  • Fix $SP().cleanResult() when no separator was provided
  • Add another parameter to the return function for $SP().list().get() that is the error message (in case the request to the webservice didn't work)
  • Fix a bug with the argments mandatory for $SP().list().add()
  • Fix a bug with $SP().parse() when there was a backslash with a single quote and a bracket for a string
  • Change the behavior of $SP().list().add() when you provide an empty array (no more exception returned)
  • Change the order of calling success/error for $SP().list().add/remove/update() -- now the "error" callback is called before the "sucess" callback
  • Fix a bug with $SP().lists() (
  • Fix a wrong information in the documentation for $SP().list().get() and "progress"

Change Log v3.0.4 (March 18, 2013)

  • Rewrite of the $SP.formfields function for better compatibility and performances
  • Fix a bug with an internal function (that returns the current website URL)
  • Rewrite the $SP().list().getAttachment() function
  • Add $SP().whoami() function to get the current user's details
  • $SP().people() returns the error ("string") when there was a problem
  • $SP().list().remove() with the WHERE clause can now also directly delete the files from a document library
  • Fix a bug for $SP().list().update() when using the function with 1 argument
  • Add the $SP().registerPlugin() and $SP().plugin() (first plugin also done)

Change Log v3.0.3 (November 2, 2012)

  • Better compatibility with Sharepoint 2010
  • Because of the Sharepoint 2010 list view throttling (that limit a query to 5,000 items) you can now use the $SP().list().get() with an array for the WHERE clause (see the documentation)
  • A "progress" option is now available for $SP().list().get() when using an array for the "where" option
  • Add the $SP().cleanResult() function
  • Change $SP().toDate() to work with SP2010 format
  • Fix the fact we can use either $SP().list().remove() or $SP().list().del()
  • Fix an issue with $SP().formfields() applied to a field with several radio buttons
  • Add the $SP().noConflict() function that permits to use _$SP instead of $SP (undocumented)
  • Fix: you can now get all the fields from a list with leaving "fields" empty or undefined (e.g. $SP().list("My List").get({where:"ID = 1"},function(data) {}))
  • $SP().cleanResult(str) now returns "" when 'str' is null or undefined
  • Change the license to GPL v2
  • Change the Array.prototype.indexOf function
  • Add the SharepointPlus version --> $SP().getVersion();

Change Log v3.0.2

  • Add "encoded" option for $SP().createFile() when the content is already base64-encoded
  • Add $SP().checkin() to Check In a file
  • Change $SP().list().remove() to be able to delete a file into a shared document library
  • NOTE: I'll probably soon change the API to have something like $SP().file().xxxx for all files related actions...

Change Log v3.0.1

  • Add warning for when we want to use a field with a comma in formfields()
  • Add support for Multiple Lookup Selection in formfields()
  • Add "Lookup" result for $SP().list().info() -- with "Choices" you now have an object {list:"List from where the values are coming from",field:"Name of the field to retrieve"}
  • Add "distributionLists" that returns the user's distribution lists
  • Add "groupMembers" that returns the members of a group
  • Add "isMember" that will say if an user is part of a Sharepoint group (we could do it with usegroups() however in some cases, like with the distribution lists, the usergroups() will be useless)
  • NOTE: with all these new USER features I'm going to review the way to call them... something like $SP().user().xxx

Change Log v3.0

  • MAJOR CHANGE: you must now call SharepointPlus with $SP() instead of $SP
  • ATTENTION: the listID as parameter for the functions is deprecated... you have to use the $SP().list() to define the list
  • ATTENTION: Change the $SP().list().view() function (the behavior is different, see the documentation)
  • Improve the $SP().list() : only use the LIST NAME and not the LIST ID anymore
  • Use view name or view ID in $SP.list().view()
  • The URL parameter must now be configured in $SP.list(), and in most cases the URL will be automatically find (for the current website)
  • Fix issue with Chrome and $SP().list().add() function
  • Add the context for the callback functions : 'this' is now recognized like the current $SP() object in the returning functions
  • Add JOIN and OUTERJOIN features to $SP().list().get() (in BETA and should be improved with the time... also it doesn't use -yet- the JOIN options available with Sharepoint 2010)
  • Remove ".each()" for ".list()" because all the AJAX requests are now asynchronous
  • Add $SP().usergroups() to retrieve of list of groups for an user
  • Remove some jQuery dependencies ... still less jQuery code !

Change Log v2.5.2

  • Add more properties from the $SP.list().info() function
  • Better support for Date into a WHERE clause
  • Fix issue with Chrome and $SP.list().get() function
  • Fix issue with simple quote inside the WHERE clause (you now need to use \' when using ' inside '')

Change Log v2.5.1

  • Add $SP.people() to find the user details based on a name
  • Add $SP.addressbook() to find someone in the Active Directory based on a part of his name
  • Check compatibility with jQuery 1.7.2

Change Log v2.5

  • Add compatibility with Sharepoint 2010
  • Function "progress" added to $SP.list().add()

Change Log v2.4

  • First public release