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Applications and Smart Contract Samples


This section includes applications and smart contracts that can be deployed to Azure Blockchain Workbench in their current form or can be transformed to meet the needs of your scenario.

Available Contracts

Deploying Applications

To deploy an application, navigate to the web application for Azure Blockchain Workbench

Click on the New button to upload a new application.

Specify your configuration file and your smart contract and click the "Deploy" button. A tile for your new application, will be displayed. Click it.

You will have 0 members assigned to the contract. Click the 0 in upper right and add members as appropriate.

Note: We do not support libraries in the current version of Workbench. Please move the functions from the library into your contract.


Applications and contracts can be uploaded to Azure Blockchain Workbench without modification.

For Ethereum contract development, install Visual Studio Code and the Solidity plugin


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