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Cloud Cluster Management with

The script is a command-line tool for creating and managing Avere clusters in cloud-based virtual computing environments.

This script has complete capabilities for creating and managing Avere vFXT clusters, including:

  • Create a new Avere vFXT cluster - including creating the vFXT nodes that make up the cluster and configuring cloud storage as a backend core filer
  • Destroy existing clusters (including the vFXT nodes)
  • Create and add new nodes to a cluster
  • Basic cluster configuration tasks

For ongoing cluster administration, use the Avere Control Panel. Read the Avere cluster Configuration Guide for more details.

The script can be used with any of the cloud computing providers that Avere OS supports. Environment setup requirements are different for the different platforms, and the exact commands available vary by cloud computing provider.

This document gives a basic overview of the script and its options. It includes information about commands specific to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform/Google Compute Engine cloud services. However, setting up a cloud project and configuring it to provide an Avere vFXT cluster includes many more steps than are documented here. Project creation, identity and access management, networking, quota and billing concerns, security, and many other topics are explained in detail in the Avere vFXT Installation Guide customized for your cloud provider. Read the complete details here:

The command --help gives a full list of command options, including provider-specific functionality.

Getting Started

Installing and Setting Up the Script

Syntax and Options

Using - Detailed explanation of basic syntax and help for common tasks including these:

Command Syntax and Options - Descriptions for all script options

All options - Help-style list of options

Platform-Specific Information

Microsoft Azure:

Amazon Web Services:

Google Cloud Platform:

Getting Help

Troubleshooting and support

Additional documentation is available at