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Microsoft Azure Container Service Engine - Kubernetes

  • Create a Kubernetes Cluster
    • Linux - Create your first Linux Kubernetes cluster
    • Windows - Create your first Windows Kubernetes cluster
  • Kubernetes Next Steps - You have successfully deployed a Kubernetes cluster, now what?
  • Troubleshooting - Running into issues? Start here to troubleshoot Kubernetes.
  • Features - Guide to alpha, beta, and stable functionality in acs-engine.
  • For Kubernetes Developers - Info for devs working on Kubernetes upstream and wanting to test using acs-engine.

Known Issues

Node "NotReady" due to lost TCP connection

Nodes might appear in the "NotReady" state for approx. 15 minutes if master stops receiving updates from agents. This is a known upstream kubernetes issue #41916. This fixing PR is currently under review.

ACS-Engine partially mitigates this issue on Linux by detecting dead TCP connections more quickly via net.ipv4.tcp_retries2=8.

Additional Kubernetes Resources

Here are recommended links to learn more about Kubernetes:

  1. Kubernetes Bootcamp - shows you how to deploy, scale, update, and debug containerized applications.
  2. Kubernetes Userguide - provides information on running programs in an existing Kubernetes cluster.
  3. Kubernetes Examples - provides a number of examples on how to run real applications with Kubernetes.