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Azure classic CLI to Azure CLI commands

Below is a list of common Azure classic CLI commands and their Azure CLI equivalent.

Services included:

  • Account
  • Network
  • Storage
  • VM
Azure classic CLI Azure CLI
azure account clear az account clear
azure account list az account list
azure account set az account set
azure account show az account show
azure location list az account list-locations
azure network application-gateway address-pool create az network application-gateway address-pool create
azure network application-gateway address-pool delete az network application-gateway address-pool delete
azure network application-gateway create az network application-gateway create
azure network application-gateway delete az network application-gateway delete
azure network application-gateway frontend-ip create az network application-gateway frontend-ip create
azure network application-gateway frontend-ip delete az network application-gateway frontend-ip delete
azure network application-gateway frontend-port create az network application-gateway frontend-port create
azure network application-gateway frontend-port delete az network application-gateway frontend-port delete
azure network application-gateway http-listener create az network application-gateway http-listener create
azure network application-gateway http-listener delete az network application-gateway http-listener delete
azure network application-gateway http-settings create az network application-gateway http-settings create
azure network application-gateway http-settings delete az network application-gateway http-settings delete
azure network application-gateway list az network application-gateway list
azure network application-gateway probe create az network application-gateway probe create
azure network application-gateway probe delete az network application-gateway probe delete
azure network application-gateway rule create az network application-gateway rule create
azure network application-gateway rule delete az network application-gateway rule delete
azure network application-gateway set az network application-gateway update
azure network application-gateway show az network application-gateway show
azure network application-gateway ssl-cert create az network application-gateway ssl-cert create
azure network application-gateway ssl-cert delete az network application-gateway ssl-cert delete
azure network application-gateway start az network application-gateway start
azure network application-gateway stop az network application-gateway stop
azure network application-gateway url-path-map create az network application-gateway url-path-map create
azure network application-gateway url-path-map delete az network application-gateway url-path-map delete
azure network application-gateway url-path-map rule create az network application-gateway url-path-map rule create
azure network application-gateway url-path-map rule delete az network application-gateway url-path-map rule delete
azure network dns record-set add-record az network dns record-set [ptr|mx|*] add
azure network dns record-set create az network dns record-set create
azure network dns record-set delete az network dns record-set delete
azure network dns record-set delete-record az network dns record-set [ptr|mx|*] remove
azure network dns record-set set az network dns record-set update
azure network dns record-set show az network dns record-set show
azure network dns zone create az network dns zone create
azure network dns zone delete az network dns zone delete
azure network dns zone list az network dns zone list
azure network dns zone set az network dns zone update
azure network dns zone show az network dns zone show
azure network express-route authorization create az network express-route circuit-auth create
azure network express-route authorization delete az network express-route circuit-auth delete
azure network express-route authorization list az network express-route circuit-auth list
azure network express-route authorization set az network express-route circuit-auth update
azure network express-route authorization show az network express-route circuit-auth show
azure network express-route circuit create az network express-route circuit create
azure network express-route circuit delete az network express-route circuit delete
azure network express-route circuit list az network express-route circuit list
azure network express-route circuit set az network express-route circuit update
azure network express-route circuit show az network express-route circuit show
azure network express-route peering create az network express-route circuit-peering create
azure network express-route peering delete az network express-route circuit-peering delete
azure network express-route peering list az network express-route circuit-peering list
azure network express-route peering set az network express-route circuit-peering update
azure network express-route peering show az network express-route circuit-peering show
azure network express-route provider list az network express-route service-provider list
azure network lb address-pool create az network lb address-pool create
azure network lb address-pool delete az network lb address-pool delete
azure network lb address-pool list az network lb address-pool list
azure network lb create az network lb create
azure network lb delete az network lb delete
azure network lb frontend-ip create az network lb frontend-ip create
azure network lb frontend-ip delete az network lb frontend-ip delete
azure network lb frontend-ip list az network lb frontend-ip list
azure network lb frontend-ip set az network lb frontend-ip update
azure network lb inbound-nap-pool delete az network lb inbound-nap-pool delete
azure network lb inbound-nat-pool create az network lb inbound-nat-pool create
azure network lb inbound-nat-pool list az network lb inbound-nat-pool list
azure network lb inbound-nat-pool set az network lb inbound-nat-pool update
azure network lb inbound-nat-rule create az network lb inbound-nat-rule create
azure network lb inbound-nat-rule delete az network lb inbound-nat-rule delete
azure network lb inbound-nat-rule list az network lb inbound-nat-rule list
azure network lb inbound-nat-rule set az network lb inbound-nat-rule update
azure network lb list az network lb list
azure network lb probe create az network lb probe create
azure network lb probe delete az network lb probe delete
azure network lb probe list az network lb probe list
azure network lb probe set az network lb probe update
azure network lb rule create az network lb rule create
azure network lb rule delete az network lb rule delete
azure network lb rule list az network lb rule list
azure network lb rule set az network lb rule update
azure network lb set az network lb update
azure network lb show az network lb show
azure network local-gateway create az network local-gateway create
azure network local-gateway delete az network local-gateway delete
azure network local-gateway list az network local-gateway list
azure network local-gateway set az network local-gateway update
azure network local-gateway show az network local-gateway show
azure network nic create az network nic create
azure network nic delete az network nic delete
azure network nic ip-config address-pool create az network nic ip-config address-pool add
azure network nic ip-config address-pool delete az network nic ip-config address-pool remove
azure network nic ip-config create az network nic ip-config create
azure network nic ip-config delete az network nic ip-config delete
azure network nic ip-config inbound-nat-rule create az network nic ip-config inbound-nat-rule add
azure network nic ip-config inbound-nat-rule delete az network nic ip-config inbound-nat-rule remove
azure network nic ip-config list az network nic ip-config list
azure network nic ip-config set az network nic ip-config update
azure network nic ip-config show az network nic ip-config show
azure network nic list az network nic list
azure network nic set az network nic update
azure network nic show az network nic show
azure network nsg create az network nsg create
azure network nsg delete az network nsg delete
azure network nsg list az network nsg list
azure network nsg rule create az network nsg rule create
azure network nsg rule delete az network nsg rule delete
azure network nsg rule list az network nsg rule list
azure network nsg rule set az network nsg rule update
azure network nsg rule show az network nsg rule show
azure network nsg set az network nsg update
azure network nsg show az network nsg show
azure network public-ip create az network public-ip create
azure network public-ip delete az network public-ip delete
azure network public-ip list az network public-ip list
azure network public-ip set az network public-ip update
azure network public-ip show az network public-ip show
azure network route-table create az network route-table create
azure network route-table delete az network route-table delete
azure network route-table list az network route-table list
azure network route-table route create az network route-table route create
azure network route-table route delete az network route-table route delete
azure network route-table route list az network route-table route list
azure network route-table route set az network route-table route update
azure network route-table route show az network route-table route show
azure network route-table set az network route-table update
azure network route-table show az network route-table show
azure network traffic-manager endpoint create az network traffic-manager endpoint create
azure network traffic-manager endpoint delete az network traffic-manager endpoint delete
azure network traffic-manager endpoint set az network traffic-manager endpoint update
azure network traffic-manager endpoint show az network traffic-manager endpoint show
azure network traffic-manager profile create az network traffic-manager profile create
azure network traffic-manager profile delete az network traffic-manager profile delete
azure network traffic-manager profile is-dns-available az network traffic-manager profile check-dns
azure network traffic-manager profile list az network traffic-manager profile list
azure network traffic-manager profile set az network traffic-manager profile update
azure network traffic-manager profile show az network traffic-manager profile show
azure network vnet create az network vnet create
azure network vnet delete az network vnet delete
azure network vnet list az network vnet list
azure network vnet set az network vnet update
azure network vnet show az network vnet show
azure network vnet subnet create az network vnet subnet create
azure network vnet subnet delete az network vnet subnet delete
azure network vnet subnet list az network vnet subnet list
azure network vnet subnet set az network vnet subnet update
azure network vnet subnet show az network vnet subnet show
azure network vpn-connection create az network vpn-connection create
azure network vpn-connection delete az network vpn-connection delete
azure network vpn-connection list az network vpn-connection list
azure network vpn-connection set az network vpn-connection update
azure network vpn-connection shared-key reset az network vpn-connection shared-key reset
azure network vpn-connection shared-key set az network vpn-connection shared-key update
azure network vpn-connection shared-key show az network vpn-connection shared-key show
azure network vpn-connection show az network vpn-connection show
azure network vpn-gateway create az network vpn-gateway create
azure network vpn-gateway delete az network vpn-gateway delete
azure network vpn-gateway list az network vpn-gateway list
azure network vpn-gateway revoked-cert create az network vpn-gateway revoked-cert create
azure network vpn-gateway revoked-cert delete az network vpn-gateway revoked-cert delete
azure network vpn-gateway root-cert create az network vpn-gateway root-cert create
azure network vpn-gateway root-cert delete az network vpn-gateway root-cert delete
azure network vpn-gateway set az network vpn-gateway update
azure network vpn-gateway show az network vpn-gateway show
azure storage account check az storage account check-name
azure storage account connectionstring show az storage account show-connection-string
azure storage account create az storage account create
azure storage account delete az storage account delete
azure storage account keys list az storage account keys list
azure storage account keys renew az storage account keys renew
azure storage account list az storage account list
azure storage account sas create az storage account generate-sas
azure storage account set az storage account update
azure storage account show az storage account show
azure storage account usage show az storage account show-usage
azure storage blob copy start az storage blob copy start
azure storage blob copy show az storage blob show
azure storage blob copy stop az storage blob copy cancel
azure storage blob delete az storage blob delete
azure storage blob download az storage blob download
azure storage blob lease acquire az storage blob lease acquire
azure storage blob lease break az storage blob lease break
azure storage blob lease change az storage blob lease change
azure storage blob lease release az storage blob lease release
azure storage blob lease renew az storage blob lease renew
azure storage blob list az storage blob list
azure storage blob sas create az storage blob generate-sas
azure storage blob show az storage blob show
azure storage blob snapshot az storage blob snapshot
azure storage blob update az storage blob update
azure storage blob upload az storage blob upload
azure storage container create az storage container create
azure storage container delete az storage container delete
azure storage container lease acquire az storage container lease acquire
azure storage container lease break az storage container lease break
azure storage container lease change az storage container lease change
azure storage container lease release az storage container lease release
azure storage container lease renew az storage container lease renew
azure storage container list az storage container list
azure storage container policy create az storage container policy create
azure storage container policy delete az storage container policy delete
azure storage container policy list az storage container policy list
azure storage container policy set az storage container policy update
azure storage container policy show az storage container policy show
azure storage container sas create az storage container generate-sas
azure storage container set az storage container set-permission
azure storage container show az storage container show
azure storage container show az storage container show-permission
azure storage cors delete az storage cors clear
azure storage cors set az storage cors add
azure storage cors show az storage cors list
azure storage directory create az storage directory create
azure storage directory delete az storage directory delete
azure storage file copy start az storage file copy start
azure storage file copy show az storage file show
azure storage file copy stop az storage file copy cancel
azure storage file delete az storage file delete
azure storage file download az storage file download
azure storage file list az storage file list
azure storage file sas create az storage file generate-sas
azure storage file upload az storage file upload
azure storage logging set az storage logging update
azure storage logging show az storage logging show
azure storage metrics set az storage metrics update
azure storage metrics show az storage metrics show
azure storage queue create az storage queue create
azure storage queue delete az storage queue delete
azure storage queue list az storage queue list
azure storage queue policy create az storage queue policy create
azure storage queue policy delete az storage queue policy delete
azure storage queue policy list az storage queue policy list
azure storage queue policy set az storage queue policy update
azure storage queue policy show az storage queue policy show
azure storage queue sas create az storage queue generate-sas
azure storage queue show az storage queue metadata show
azure storage share create az storage share create
azure storage share delete az storage share delete
azure storage share list az storage share list
azure storage share policy create az storage share policy create
azure storage share policy delete az storage share policy delete
azure storage share policy list az storage share policy list
azure storage share policy set az storage share policy set
azure storage share policy show az storage share policy show
azure storage share sas create az storage share sas create
azure storage share set az storage share update
azure storage share show az storage share show
azure storage table create az storage table create
azure storage table delete az storage table delete
azure storage table list az storage table list
azure storage table policy create az storage table policy create
azure storage table policy delete az storage table policy delete
azure storage table policy list az storage table policy list
azure storage table policy set az storage table policy update
azure storage table policy show az storage table policy show
azure storage table sas create az storage table generate-sas
azure vm capture az vm capture
azure vm create az vm create
azure vm deallocate az vm deallocate
azure vm delete az vm delete
azure vm disk attach az vm disk attach
azure vm disk attach-new az vm disk attach-new
azure vm disk detach az vm disk detach
azure vm extension get az vm extension get
azure vm extension set az vm extension set
azure vm extension-image list az vm extension image list
azure vm extension-image list-types az vm extension image list-names
azure vm extension-image list-versions az vm extension image list-versions
azure vm extension-image show az vm extension image show
azure vm generalize az vm generalize
azure vm get-instance-view az vm get-instance-view
azure vm get-serial-output az vm boot-diagnostics get-boot-log
azure vm image list az vm image list
azure vm image list-offers az vm image list-offers
azure vm image list-publishers az vm image list-publishers
azure vm image list-skus az vm image list-skus
azure vm image show az vm image show
azure vm list az vm list
azure vm list-usage az vm list-usage
azure vm redeploy az vm redeploy
azure vm reset-access az vm access
azure vm restart az vm restart
azure vm set az vm update
azure vm show az vm show
azure vm sizes az vm list-sizes
azure vm start az vm start
azure vm stop az vm stop
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