4. Limitations | Differences from POSIX

Sercan Guler [MSFT] edited this page Jun 5, 2018 · 4 revisions

Following are unsupported in blobfuse :

multiple nodes writing to a single blob If you have applications that try to write to the same file simultaneously, mounted on different nodes, the last writer will win. Your previous writes will be lost.

chmod, chown: Blob storage does not support permissions and ACLs per object. Because of this, blobfuse does not support chown and chmod.

When mounted with default options, all files will get 770 permissions, and only be accessible by the user mounting with blobfuse.

If you desire to allow anyone on your machine to access the blobfuse mount, mount it with option -o allow_other

readdir count of hardlinks: For performance reasons, blobfuse does not correctly report the hardlinks inside a directory. Hard links for empty directories are returned as 2. Hard links for non-empty directories are always returned 3 regardless of the actual hard links.

non-atomic renames Atomic rename operations are not supported by the Azure Storage Blob Service. Single file renames are actually two operations - a copy, followed by a delete of the original. Directory renames recursively enumerate all files in the directory, and renames each.

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