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How to contribute

There are many ways that you can contribute to the ConnectTheDots project:

  • Submit a bug
  • Submit a code fix for a bug
  • Submit code to add a new device or sensor to the project, or modify existing device code
  • Submit code to add a new device gateway to the project, or modify existing gateway code (e.g. in a different programming language)
  • Submit code or configuration for storing or analyzing the data in Azure
  • Submit a new website design
  • Submit additions or modifications to the documentation
  • Submit a feature request

The key design principle is that the code makes it easy for people to get data from sensors into Azure and to utilize IoT services in Azure such as Azure Stream Analytics and Machine Learning.

Contributing Code

To contribute code you need to issue a Pull Request. All code submissions will be reviewed and tested by the team, and those that meet a high bar for both quality and design/roadmap appropriateness will be merged into the source. Be sure to follow the existing file/folder structure when adding new boards or sensors.

You must sign a Contribution License Agreement (CLA) before submitting a Pull Request. To complete the CLA, you will need to submit the request via the form and then electronically sign the CLA when you receive the email containing the link to the document.

This needs to only be done once, for your first contribution to the ConnectTheDots project.