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Azure Event Hubs

Note: This module is EXPERIMENTAL. To enable this module, you must run Open Service Broker for Azure with modules.minStability set to experimental

Services & Plans

Service: azure-eventhubs

Plan Name Description
basic Basic Tier, 1 Consumer group, 100 Brokered connections
standard Standard Tier, 20 Consumer groups, 1000 Brokered connections, Additional Storage, Publisher Policies



Provisions a new Event Hubs namespace and a new hub within it. The new namespace and hub will be named using new UUIDs.

Provisioning Parameters
Parameter Name Type Description Required Default Value
location string The Azure region in which to provision applicable resources. Y
resourceGroup string The (new or existing) resource group with which to associate new resources. Y
tags map[string]string Tags to be applied to new resources, specified as key/value pairs. N Tags (even if none are specified) are automatically supplemented with heritage: open-service-broker-azure.

Returns a copy of one shared set of credentials.

Binding Parameters

This binding operation does not support any parameters.


Binding returns the following connection details and shared credentials:

Field Name Type Description
connectionString string Connection string.
primaryKey string Secret key (password).

Does nothing.


Deletes the Event Hubs namespace.