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Project completion checklist

In the Bahlai Lab, we strive to make our work as reproducible and as transparent as possible. Different projects may vary from this format slightly- this is intended to be taken as a guideline covering the components of most of our common projects. It's preferable, and probably easier on you, if you keep these requirements in mind while developing your project, but all elements should be present at project wrap-up. Here are the common documentation standards I expect to be met with the completion of each project.

General project documentation

  • Project components are all hosted in a public repository on Github
  • Declare a license in the README so people know how they can use your work (I'm partial to CC-BY 4.0)
  • README includes project abstract or description
  • README includes file navigation within repo, description of file contents
  • README includes links to papers, preprints
  • README Includes contact information for authors, and if data is proprietary, for data creators
  • Make the readme pretty by including a snazzy graphic, if applicable
  • Include a folder in the repo containing slides/posters from presentations on this project if applicable


Data used in support of the project must be:

  • Saved in an appropriate, non-proprietary format with accompanying metadata
  • In a public archive, or, if data is proprietary, a 'snapshot' version of the data used in the project must be saved in a private repository accessible to lab members
  • Linked and briefly described in the project README


Code used or developed in support of the project must be:

  • Well commented and complete
  • On Github, in the public project repository
  • Described in the README- what does each file do, what language was used, etc
  • Tested! can at least one other person (but more is better) make your analysis go on a different computer?