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Text file Tools for the Elgato Stream Deck

A set of tools for manipulating text files through the Elgato Stream Deck. Useful for live stream updates

Author's website and contact information:

New in v1.5.1

  • Random Line action now supports Sending Enter key at the end of the line. Useful if using for things like Chat, and you want the random line to be sent automatically.

Current Features

  • Text File Updater - Overwrites the contents of a text file with a predefined string. Use to change overlay text during Stream
  • Last Word Display - Shows the last word of a text file on your Stream Deck
  • Random Line Writer - Sends a random line from a text file to your keyboard, useful for giveaways or just sending a random 'hello' message in chat.


I found a bug, who do I contact?

For support please contact the developer. Contact information is available at

I have a feature request, who do I contact?

Please contact the developer. Contact information is available at


  • Uses StreamDeck-Tools by BarRaider: NuGet
  • Uses Easy-PI by BarRaider - Provides seamless integration with the Stream Deck PI (Property Inspector)
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