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World Time clock for Elgato Stream Deck

Displays the local time in cities around the world. Supports both Windows and Mac

Author's website and contact information:

New in v1.8

  • Built-In time zone calculation. Removes the need for an external API. "Server Error" issues should now be resolved.

New in v1.7

  • Improved CPU usage
  • Fixed issue where time was not copied correctly to clipboard when pressing the button

New in v1.6

  • Added support for time zones that are not whole hours (Such as: Australia/Adelaide)
  • Clock can now be customizable to 4 different modes (24hr/AMPM/Hide AMPM/Hide Clock)
  • Date can now be customizable to 3 different modes (ddmm/mmdd/Hide Date)
  • Font Size and Color can now be customizable


  • Date support - shows the current date in the chosen city/timezone
  • Pressing the key will copy the current date and time in the chosen city/timezone to the clipboard
  • Ability to choose between dd/mm and mm/dd date formats
  • Choose a customized title to show instead of the City name
  • Support for both AM/PM and 24-hour clock


I found a bug, who do I contact?

For support please contact the developer. Contact information is available at

I have a feature request, who do I contact?

Please contact the developer. Contact information is available at


  • Uses StreamDeck-Tools by BarRaider: NuGet
  • Uses Easy-PI by BarRaider - Provides seamless integration with the Stream Deck PI (Property Inspector)