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Bara committed Oct 11, 2019
1 parent c91c0cc commit 4bb237b88a3fbe384676d360fbc08a1f1bb4e312
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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ jobs:
- name: Download sourcemod
run: |
wget "" -O sourcemod.tar.gz
tar -xzf sourcemod.tar.gz
tar -xzf sourcemod.tar.gz --exclude='addons/sourcemod/translations'
- name: Give spcomp the required permissions
run: chmod +x addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp
- name: Compiling of all TTT related plugins
@@ -38,3 +38,87 @@ jobs:
echo -e "\nCompiling addons/sourcemod/scripting/turret_core.sp..."
addons/sourcemod/scripting/spcomp -E -w234 -O2 -v2 addons/sourcemod/scripting/turret_core.sp
- name: Let's prepare packaging
run: |
git fetch --unshallow
COUNT=$(git rev-list --count HEAD)
HASH="$(git log --pretty=format:%h -n 1)"
- name: Remove plugins folder and create new ones
run: |
if [ -d "addons/sourcemod/plugins" ]; then
rm -r addons/sourcemod/plugins
mkdir addons/sourcemod/plugins
mkdir addons/sourcemod/plugins/disabled
mkdir addons/sourcemod/plugins/ttt
- name: Move all TTT smx files into the plugins folder
run: |
for file in ttt*.smx
mv $file addons/sourcemod/plugins/ttt
- name: Move 3rd-party-plugins into the plugins folder
run: |
for file in *.smx
mv $file addons/sourcemod/plugins
- name: Remove build folder and create new one
run: |
if [ -d "build" ]; then
rm -r build
mkdir build
- name: Move addons, materials, models and sound folder
run: mv addons materials models sound build/

- name: Remove sourcemod folders
run: |
rm -r build/addons/metamod
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/bin
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/configs/geoip
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/configs/sql-init-scripts
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/configs/*.txt
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/configs/*.ini
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/configs/*.cfg
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/data
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/extensions
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/gamedata
rm -r build/addons/sourcemod/scripting
rm build/addons/sourcemod/*.txt
- name: Add LICENSE,, CVARS.txt and adminmenu_custom.txt to build package
run: cp LICENSE CVARS.txt adminmenu_custom.txt build/

- name: Download steamworks and move into the build package
run: |
wget -O steamworks_linux.tar.gz
tar xfv steamworks_linux.tar.gz
wget -O
unzip -o
mkdir -p build/addons/sourcemod/extensions/
cp addons/sourcemod/extensions/ build/addons/sourcemod/extensions/
cp addons/sourcemod/extensions/SteamWorks.ext.dll build/addons/sourcemod/extensions/
- name: Clean up root directory
run: |
rm sourcemod.tar.gz
rm steamworks_linux.tar.gz
- name: Compress the build package
run: |
cd build
zip -9rq $FILE addons materials models sound LICENSE CVARS.txt adminmenu_custom.txt
- uses: actions/upload-artifact@master
name: ttt_sm1.10-zip
path: build/$FILE

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