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Increase specmenu buffer (Fix #272)

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good-live committed Jan 3, 2018
1 parent 03e1e58 commit 961cc18394a5606f34e92dc691b03393e905b9a6
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  1. +3 −3 addons/sourcemod/scripting/ttt/ttt_spec_menu.sp
@@ -120,19 +120,19 @@ void ShowSpecMenu(int client)
if (TTT_IsClientValid(GetObservTarget(client)) && !IsFakeClient(client))
char sPlayer[128];
char sPlayer[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
Format(sPlayer, sizeof(sPlayer), "%T\n--------------------", "SpecMenu: Player", client, GetObservTarget(client));
menu.AddItem("player", sPlayer, ITEMDRAW_DISABLED);
char sNext[32], sPrev[32];
char sNext[64], sPrev[64];
Format(sNext, sizeof(sNext), "%T", "SpecMenu: Next", client);
Format(sPrev, sizeof(sPrev), "%T\n--------------------", "SpecMenu: Prev", client);
menu.AddItem("next", sNext);
menu.AddItem("prev", sPrev);
char sItem[32];
char sItem[64];
if (g_bMutedAlive[client])
Format(sItem, sizeof(sItem), "%T", "SpecMenu: Unmute Alive", client);

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