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Open Source J-RPG (Based on the Hero of Allacrost engine)
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COPYING.GPL-3 Separate the COPYING file into a v2 and a v3 copy.
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Valyria Tear

Development blog:
Bug Tracker:

Valyria Tear is an open-source single-player medieval-fantasy 2D J-RPG based on an extended Hero of Allacrost engine and inspired by classic console RPGs.

The player incarnates Bronann, a young boy forced to take part into the struggle for the possession of a mysterious crystal. This powerful artifact will lead him to discover the actual threat set upon his world, but also courage and love.

The game has all the features you can expect from JRPG classics: entertaining story development, colourful map exploration, active side-view battles, character management, puzzles... It is also translated in several languages.


Copyright (C) 2012-2014 by Bertram
Copyright (C) 2004-2011 by The Allacrost Project

The source code is licensed under the GNU GPL. It is free software and you may modify it and/or redistribute it under the terms of this license. See for details.

The graphics, sounds, musics and script files are licensed according to the LICENSES file.

While the scripts are under the GNU GPL, the story concept is copyrighted and cannot be reused as is or part of it in another project without the author's consent. This means you can package, and distribute Valyria Tear under the term of this license but you cannot take the story or parts of it in another project without agreement.

The game directories included and used are: dat/ img/ mus/ snd/ src/ po/

Compilation procedure

Linux compilation Once you've unpacked the tarball or checked it out of Git repository, just run cmake . && make from the top-level directory at the prompt.

You'll then be able to play by typing: src/valyriatear

Windows compilation

  • Code::Blocks:

A Code::Blocks project file is also provided when compiling under Windows. In that case, you might need the dependencies and headers files that can be downloaded here.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 and later:

(Warning: not officially supported!) Please contact authenticate for support.
To build on Windows with Visual Studio 2013, do this:


You will need the following in order to compile and run the game:

  • Boost headers (Tested from 1.42 to 1.55) (make sure that the boost headers used to compile Luabind are the same version used to compile Valyria Tear)
  • GNU Gettext - (libiconv, libintl)
  • lua (5.1.x - 5.2.x) - (liblua)
  • Luabind 0.9.1 (Also provided as a static library)
  • libz
  • libpng (1.2 to 1.6)
  • Ogg/Vorbis - (libogg, libvorbis, libvorbisenc, libvorbisfile)
  • OpenAL
  • OpenGL, GLU and GLEW
  • SDL (2.0.0+)
  • SDL_ttf (2.0.12+)
  • SDL_image (2.0.0)

Map editor only:

  • Qt 4.8.x (only if you wish to compile the map editor)

Map editor or debug feature support compilation

  • Using Cmake: Use the -D parameter when invoking cmake to add compilation flags.

  • Add Editor compilation (Requires QT 4.8.x headers) cmake -DEDITOR_SUPPORT=on .

  • Add debug menus, and debug commands: cmake -DDEBUG_FEATURES=on .

  • Add both: cmake -DDEBUG_FEATURES=on -DEDITOR_SUPPORT=on .

  • On Code::Blocks: Go to Project->Build options, and add the flags in the #defines tab, i.e.: DEBUG_MENU

Note that the editor can't be built using C::B. Use Qt-Creator and the file for that. Be sure also to read the instructions within that file, as RTTI support must be enabled, and unicode disabled in the compile flags.

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