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lein-dalap Build Status

A Leiningen plugin to transform clojure source code into clojurescript.

lein-dalap allows you to author code that works in both the JVM and in the browser, without forking your code and without relying on cljsbuild crossovers.

lein-dalap is inspired by cljx, a leiningen plugin that transforms input source files with a .cljx extension and special meta-data markup into .clj and .cljs output. In contrast with cljx, lein-dalap's input files are plain .clj files and only the .cljs files are auto-generated. It is also simpler to specify custom transformation rules at the project level.

The name dalap is the acronym for Decide As Late As Possible, from lean programming.

Documentation & Examples

Please refer to our documentation site. There is also an example application.


Copyright © 2012 Birdseye Software.

Distributed under the MIT License.