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A cypress plugin to add a tab command
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cypress-plugin-tab beta

A Cypress plugin to add a tab command

⚠️ this module is in beta, and might cause some strange failures. Please report bugs in the issues of this repo.

Note: please refer to this issue for updates about official cypress tab support


Add the plugin to devDependencies

npm install -D cypress-plugin-tab

At the top of cypress/support/index.js:



  • .tab() must be chained off of a tabbable(focusable) subject, or the body
  • .tab() changes the subject to the newly focused element after pressing tab
  • .tab({ shift: true }) sends a shift-tab to the element
  cy.get('input').type('foo').tab().type('bar') // type foo, then press tab, then type bar
  cy.get('body').tab() // tab into the first tabbable element on the page
  cy.focused().tab() // tab into the currently focused element


  .type('bar').tab({ shift: true })
  .type('foo') // correct your mistake



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