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A very simple to use configuration library that allows for reading and writing easy-to-read configuration files with as few lines of code as possible. It is leightweight and does not depend on any other libraries.


Using SimpleConfig for your own projects is as easy as creating a class that extends SimpleConfig and has one or many fields that will hold your configurable values. Let me give you an example:

public class MainConfig extends SimpleConfig {
	@Comment( "Enter a string value" )
	private String myString = "defaultValue";
	public String getMyString() {
		return this.myString;
MainConfig config = new MainConfig();
try {
	config.initialize( new File( "config.cfg" ) );
} catch ( IOException e ) {
	logger.error( "Configuration could not be initialized", e );

// You may now call config.getMyString() in order to get the configured value

The configuration file produced by the above class would look like this:

	myString: "defaultValue"

Per default only primitive types as well as strings are supported yet your application may add custom value converters in order to support custom types inside your configuration classes.


SimpleConfig is distributed under the terms of the BSD 3-clause license. So feel free to use it in your own projects!

Maven Repository

If you are using maven and want to simplify your life a bit then feel free to get the latest version of SimpleConfig from my personal repository. Simply add the following lines to your pom.xml:

		<name>BlackyPaw Public Repository</name>


SimpleConfig was developed by BlackyPaw with contributions of other authors who agreed to granting all rights on their respective code contributions to BlackyPaw.


If you wish to get in contact feel free to write an email: developers [at] blackypaw [dot] com