Blank Bootstrap Edition is a free template for Joomla! for faster and easier web development
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BL4NK Bootstrap Edition 5

Light, powerful and free template for Joomla! for faster and easier web development.


Install it like a normal template in Joomla! backend. Then install Node. This template will be built with Gulp. If you haven't used Gulp before, you need to install gulp global.

npm install -g gulp

Open a terminal and go to the template folder.

cd C:\xampp\htdocs\joomla\templates\frontend

Install Node dependencies.

npm install

Open gulpfile.js and take a look at the serve function. The url should be match with your local Joomla installation, e.g.


Run Gulp for build and minify.


The building files are stored in folder /build in template directory. See gulpfile.js to recognize automation.

Working files

  • index.php
  • js/script.js
  • scss/_custom.scss


  • Develop with bootstrap for responsive web design
  • Scalable and customizable vector icons
  • Customizable error, offline and print page



The Blank Template is opensource software released under the GPL.


Take a look at Blank without Bootstrap.