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#!/usr/bin/env python
import imghdr
import os
import re
import socket
import subprocess
import sys
import urllib.request, urllib.error, urllib.parse
from urllib.parse import urlparse
import musicbrainzngs
import youtube_dl
from mutagen.id3 import ID3, TPE1, TIT2, TALB, APIC
musicbrainzngs.set_useragent(socket.gethostname(), '1.1.1')
class AudioJack(object):
def __init__(self, bitrate=256, small_cover_art=False, quiet=False):
self.opts = {
'format': 'bestaudio',
'outtmpl': '%(id)s.%(ext)s',
'postprocessors': [{
'key': 'FFmpegExtractAudio',
'preferredcodec': 'mp3',
'preferredquality': str(bitrate)
if quiet:
self.opts['quiet'] = 1
self.opts['no_warnings'] = 1
self.ydl = youtube_dl.YoutubeDL(self.opts)
self.small_cover_art = small_cover_art
self._cover_art_cache = {}
def get_results(self, url):
info = self.ydl.extract_info(url, download=False)
if 'entries' in info:
info = info['entries'][0]
return self._get_metadata(self._parse(info))
def select(self, entry, path=None):
if 'url' not in entry:
raise ValueError('Media URL must be specified.')
info = self.ydl.extract_info(entry['url'])
file = '%s.mp3' % info['id']
tags = ID3()
filename = entry['title'] if 'title' in entry and entry['title'] else 'download'
filename = re.sub(r'\W*[^a-zA-Z\d\s]\W*', '_', filename)
if 'title' in entry:
tags.add(TIT2(encoding=3, text=entry['title']))
if 'artist' in entry:
tags.add(TPE1(encoding=3, text=entry['artist']))
if 'album' in entry:
tags.add(TALB(encoding=3, text=entry['album']))
if 'img' in entry and entry['img'] != '':
scheme = urlparse(entry['img']).scheme
img_path = entry['img']
if scheme == '':
# Local path to absolute path
img_path = os.path.abspath(img_path)
if scheme[:4] != 'http':
# Absolute path to file URI
img_path = 'file:///%s' % img_path
img_request = urllib.request.urlopen(img_path)
img =
valid_exts = ['jpeg', 'png', 'gif', 'bmp']
ext = imghdr.what(None, img)
if ext not in valid_exts:
raise ValueError('%s is an unsupported file extension.' % ext)
mime = 'image/%s' % ext
tags.add(APIC(encoding=3, mime=mime, type=3, data=img)), v2_version=3)
if path:
filename = '%s/%s' % (path, filename)
if not os.path.exists(path):
target_file = '%s.mp3' % filename
i = 1
while os.path.exists(target_file):
target_file = '%s (%d).mp3' % (filename, i)
i += 1
os.rename(file, target_file)
return os.path.realpath(target_file)
def cut_file(self, file, start_time=0, end_time=None):
output = '%s_cut.mp3' % file
# Export cover art temporarily
ca = '%s_ca.jpg' % file
subprocess.Popen(['ffmpeg', '-i', file, ca]).communicate()
# Cut file
if end_time:
['ffmpeg', '-i', file, '-ss', str(start_time), '-to', str(end_time), '-c:a', 'copy', '-id3v2_version',
'3', output]).communicate()
['ffmpeg', '-i', file, '-ss', str(start_time), '-c:a', 'copy', '-id3v2_version', '3',
# Add cover art back
['ffmpeg', '-y', '-i', output, '-i', ca, '-map', '0:0', '-map', '1:0', '-c', 'copy', '-id3v2_version', '3',
return file
def _parse(self, info):
parsed = {
'url': info['webpage_url']
banned_words = ['lyrics', 'hd', 'hq', 'free download', 'download', '1080p', 'official music video', 'm/v']
feats = ['featuring', 'feat.', 'ft.', 'feat', 'ft']
artist_delimiters = [',', 'x', '&', 'and']
video_title = info['title']
video_title = re.sub(r'\([^)]*|\)|\[[^]]*|\]', '', video_title).strip() # Remove parentheses and brackets
video_title = re.sub(self._gen_regex(banned_words), ' ', video_title).strip() # Remove banned words
parsed_title = re.split(r'\W*[\-:] \W*', video_title) # 'Artist - Title' => ['Artist', 'Title']
title = self._split(parsed_title[-1], feats) # 'Song feat. Some Guy' => ['Song', 'Some Guy']
parsed['title'] = title[0]
secondary_artist_list = title[1:]
if info['uploader'][-8:] == ' - Topic' and info['uploader'][:-8] != 'Various Artists':
parsed['artists'] = [info['uploader'][:-8]]
elif len(parsed_title) > 1:
artists = self._split(parsed_title[-2], feats) # 'A1 and A2 feat. B1' => ['A1 and A2', 'B1']
parsed['artists'] = self._split(artists[0], artist_delimiters) # 'A1 and A2' => ['A1', 'A2']
if len(secondary_artist_list) > 0:
# Each string in the secondary_artist_list is split according to the artist delimiters.
# Each of the newly created lists are then flattened into a single list (see self._flatten).
parsed['secondary_artists'] = self._multi_split(secondary_artist_list, artist_delimiters)
return parsed
def _get_metadata(self, parsed):
results = []
temp = []
artists = parsed['artists'] if 'artists' in parsed else None
artist = artists[0] if artists else ''
artistname = artists[1] if artists and len(artists) > 1 else ''
mb_results = musicbrainzngs.search_recordings(query=parsed['title'], artist=artist, artistname=artistname,
for recording in mb_results['recording-list']:
if 'release-list' in recording:
title = recording['title']
if ('artists' not in parsed or re.sub(r'\W', '', title.lower()) == re.sub(r'\W', '', parsed[
'title'].lower())) and self._valid_title(title):
artists = [a['artist']['name'] for a in recording['artist-credit'] if
isinstance(a, dict) and 'artist' in a]
artist = artists[0] # Only use the first artist (may change in the future)
for release in recording['release-list']:
album = release['title']
album_id = release['id']
entry = {
'url': parsed['url'],
'title': title,
'artist': artist,
'album': album
if entry not in temp and self._valid(release):
entry['id'] = album_id
entry['img'] = self._cover_art_cache[
album_id] if album_id in self._cover_art_cache else self._get_cover_art(album_id)
return results
def _flatten(self, lst):
return [item for sublist in lst for item in sublist]
def _gen_regex(self, word_list):
return r'(?:^|\W)*?(?i)(?:%s)\W*' % '|'.join(word_list)
def _split(self, string, delimiters):
return re.split(self._gen_regex(delimiters), string)
def _multi_split(self, lst, delimiters):
return self._flatten([self._split(item, delimiters) for item in lst])
def _valid(self, release):
banned_words = ['instrumental', 'best of', 'diss', 'remix', 'what i call', 'ministry of sound']
approved_secondary_types = ['soundtrack', 'remix', 'mixtape/street']
for word in banned_words:
if word in release['title'].lower():
return False
if 'secondary-type-list' in release['release-group']:
st = release['release-group']['secondary-type-list'][0].lower()
if st not in approved_secondary_types:
return False
if not self._get_cover_art(release['id']):
return False
return True
def _valid_title(self, title):
banned_words = ['remix', 'instrumental', 'a cappella', 'remake']
for word in banned_words:
if word in title.lower():
return False
return True
def _get_cover_art(self, album_id):
if album_id in self._cover_art_cache:
return self._cover_art_cache[album_id]
if self.small_cover_art:
self._cover_art_cache[album_id] = \
self._cover_art_cache[album_id] = musicbrainzngs.get_image_list(album_id)['images'][0]['image']
return self._cover_art_cache[album_id]
except musicbrainzngs.musicbrainz.ResponseError:
return None
if __name__ == '__main__':
aj = AudioJack(quiet=True)
url = sys.argv[1]
results = aj.get_results(url)
if len(results) > 0:
download =[0])
download ={'url': url})
print('Downloaded %s' % download)