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Start a discussion before attempting to make a contribution. Any contribution that doesn't fit my design goals for the project will be rejected so it's always better to start a discussion first!

By submitting contributions, you disavow any rights or claims to any changes submitted to the Dramatiq project and assign the copyright of those changes to CLEARTYPE SRL. If you cannot or do not want to reassign those rights, you shouldn't submit a PR. Instead, you should open an issue and let someone else do that work.

Pull Requests

  • Make sure any code changes are covered by tests.
  • Run isort on any modified files.
  • If this is your first contribution, add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS file.
  • If your branch is behind master, rebase on top of it.

Run the test suite with tox. The tests require running RabbitMQ, Redis and Memcached servers.


When you open an issue make sure you include the full stack trace and that you list all pertinent information (operating system, message broker, Python implementation) as part of the issue description.

Please include a minimal, reproducible test case with every bug report. If the issue is actually a question, consider asking it on the discussion board or Stack Overflow first.